The rich man's profile photo.

Hii picha huwa naiona hapa na the local millionaire. Ama huyo talker aliiba hio picha facebook? Ama ni deorro and his many handles?


Anyway the guy cleans toilets in Oman and apparently he has no teeth or so he says…

There is another fellow who also claims to work in the middle east ama ni huyu bado?

[SIZE=7]Cleaning filthy toilets in Oman made me famous – ‘Wamama’, King of Kilimani Mums[/SIZE]
The Nairobian By Chrisphine Magak 4 days ago
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Desmond Otieno Owino aka King of ‘Wamama’ is witty and not your next-door-comedian. He opens up about his many online female fans and why he poses semi-nude.

What’s with all these nicknames and do you even remember all of them?

My official name is Desmond Otieno Owino. But I call myself ‘Mfalme Tajiri Mkuu’ on social media because I’ve always had the desire to become a very rich man…and a king too! I have other nicknames: Pastor - because I loved praying; and Owino Mawe - which I was given by locals in Korogocho due to my dad’s nature of work. He used to sell stones to women, so he was nicknamed Owino Mawe, and we shared the nickname.
Would you say your childhood was good?
Well, it was normal. I was born in 1988 at Korogocho in a family of nine - six boys and three girls. I’m the second-born. I went to St Valentine’s Secondary School after finishing my primary education at Korogocho Primary School.
I attained a D minus, but I still wanted to join university to study political science because I always wanted to ‘rule’. However, since I lacked school fees, I resorted to ferrying luggage for businesspeople at Korogocho market. In 2014, I got an opportunity to work in Oman. I had applied for jobs in the Middle East for three years with no success. So, when this opportunity came, I was elated.
How was life there?

My designated job at the time was to work as a cook, but things changed when I arrived in that country. I had no teeth so I was instead reassigned to clean toilets at night. I was being paid Sh10,000 per month. Otieno Owino aka King of ‘Wamama’ [Photo: Courtesy]

Cleaning toilets?

Imagine! I felt so bad when I was assigned this job. It was disgusting. Guys there don’t flush toilets and so you can imagine how bad the situation was.
I was stressed and lonely, since I had no one to talk to. To stay sane and relieve stress, I posted photos and videos online and the feedback I received was overwhelming.

Did that make you feel better?

Oh yes! I realised that many people were happy when they watched the funny videos and photos. So, I made it a routine of going Live on Facebook every day and shared how my day was. Guys would laugh and this made me very happy.
Then you joined the famous Kilimani Mums group…

I first started with the group, Kenyans in Gulf, then I joined Kenyans in Majuu before I discovered Kilimani Mums.
This is where I was given the name ‘Wamama’ because it was my intro signature in the group. I always address everyone in Kilimani Mums as wamama. Otieno Owino aka King of ‘Wamama’ [Photo: Courtesy]

Let’s talk about your ‘nudes’ and love of posting ‘half-naked’ videos.

I think it all started when my nudes were leaked by a woman I was dating online. She demanded I send her Sh50,000 or she would unleash my nude photos.
Before I could even send her the money, she posted the photos online. That’s why I decided to entertain people with half-nude photos and videos. Thank God most of my family members are not on Facebook, so they didn’t see them.
You mentioned that you have received many marriage proposals.
Yes. The women in Kilimani Mums Facebook group have seriously fallen in love with me, especially now that I’ve become popular. My inbox is always full. So many have asked me to marry them and even visit their homes.
However, I am a principled man and I don’t want to land in any trouble. I am glad for the love my fans show me. A well-wisher went the extra mile of even fixing my teeth. I can now smile confidently. Otieno Owino aka King of ‘Wamama’ [Photo: Courtesy]

What are your ambitions?
I’m planning to set up a shop for women products then I marry one of the wamamasbecause they’re the people who have made me famous. I must always stay closer to them.

Wacha nicomment juu hakuna any? Sasa wewe ni baba ya mtu na nywele kwa mgongo hadi matako? Na hii ndio ujinga unapost? Na unaona ni kama umefanya kitu ya maana sana. Uko na ujinga patricia

ulijuaje wanaume wako na nywele kwa matako na ulizaliwa 1998 na caesarean section?

Sasa uyu nini kiherehere?

hehe nilikuwa nataka kukuita wewe msenge juu unapenda hizi news sana but nilijua utajileta tu hapa bila kuitwa.

Anakwuuliza ulijua aje haga ya mwanaume ina futhi? hebu explain yourself. huwa unamangwa na nani wagido?!


Unacheka nini? si ni wewe huwa mnanyambiana na mwenye ile profile pic iko kwa thread?

Chief, I respect elders, I have no intention to fight them

@digi = @Wagido hmmm.

Digi, wagido. Kama ni wewe endelea vivyo hivyo baba. Ukiumizwa roho shauri yako.

Inakaa unajua hii nyang’au ni nani?

@TrumanCapote njoo hapa kuna kazi ya defense lawyer.

Kuwa mpole kizee

:D:D:D Wachana na yeye. Sasa ubaya ya ktalk mjamaa akirudishiwa upper cut na left hook atani block pap.

Na unaona ni yeye ametupa first punch.

This forum lacks content since @digi ale nyama mbichi,so don’t be hard on the slow patco who is figuring out just now that Billionaire Gay for Pay’s avatar is Wamama. And who Wamama is. I am at the Dr, I absolutely can’t find anything interesting to read here. Wacha niende Wazua na Udaku zones Kilimani Moms. Then niende kwa TZ vloggers their narration is pretty amusing specially English words. Walahi Ktalk has gotten very boring. Yaani coming here is a total anticlimax. Nothing interesting to see here at all at all. BORING!!!Bye! Tuonane after vacay.