The Rich calling for a LockDown

The rich people in this country always believe that the poor have no right of existence. Their only weapon now is a lockdown, no more medical flights abroad. Tajiri wametetemeka wanakunia

By now you should know the elite never lose. Hata wakikatazwa kuenda majuu and corona hits hard, they will just take the few critical equipment from public hospitals and set up their own hospital. Then they will use the army to beat you to submission. These guys never lose, trust me.

Lockdown is a solution for G7 countries who can afford it,how come there is no lockdown in South Korea,Singapore , Malaysia etc n there are doing ok.GOK should look for 3rd world solutions


lockdown is impossible, maybe for urban dwellers

Aha! This is exactly what I am talking about.

Shinda tu ukisema hivyo. Utayua huyui veeery soon!

They are practicing universal masking which seems to work

Lockdown is only practical and effective uko trumpland…us we can’t even sustain for two days

Exactly…but that’s not their concern. A lockdown is inevitable; just know that.

Then who will attend to them? remember China has lost more than 60 doctors who had full body gears. Hapa rich men na middle class hawana lao

They will pay up. Any doctor or specialist atawacha peasant kwa public hospital aende kwa sonko for the $$. Once they have the ventilator, kupata doctor ama nurse sio issue. Those are readily available for hire. At the right price daktari hatakataa kunukisha kitunguu awache peasant kwa kitanda. Money is a very strong motivator.

Shiet, this fully body gear didn’t prevent infection in these docs?

How many ventilators does Kenya have? 200, perhaps? 500? Nobody knows but if it comes to rationing, the elite will get first priority. That’s how it works…

That’s the point. Na bado utaona peasants wakienda crowded places even when they have no business being there. Kama weekends niko sure clubs zilijaa.

Don’t be so sure of your statement. What if there is a lockdown, the poor slum dwellers of Kibera and Kawangware start starving in their houses and say enough is enough and decide to storm into residences in Karen and Hurlingham?

Its been the truth since early man days

Hakuna pesa ya kulipa security,2birrions in the coffers wouldn’t last a day:D:D


Sasa wewe mwenye uko Trumpland una basis gani ya kusema lockdown is inevitable??

Lockdown haitakuwa believe me.