The revolution shall not be televised.It shall be live

Job lay offs,youth unemployment,runaway graft and heavy foreign debt are the perfect breeding conditions for a revolution.Just a matter of time[ATTACH=full]274924[/ATTACH]

those are Kenyan citizens , showing solidarity to their leader, who has been arrested for stealing from them, weko pamoja.
a glimpse of their leader lifestyle.


those are hired goons

Where are the angry Kenyans at ?

What did we fix

Our governor shopping for bling

This is funny. There will be no revolution.

Why?Because we are a country of cowards.Or because the country has turned to a police state?

Kenya is a country if civil obedient citizens. A revolution will not easily happen

Sema tu sisi ni waoga

Did he just say “hii ni Wakenya wananunua?”

Pambana na hali yako…personally will never partake in a kenyan revolution unless donor anipee za macho…kenyans are what after revolution?..for kenyans to line up at 4am to elect same corrupt leaders?


Waahhh all that money for a piece of jewelry? A fool with the money…but his statement manze…ati ni wakenya wananunua…kenyans are funding his lifestyle yani

A nation of cowards.

Everyday when Uhuru wakes up out of his stupor, he is amazed that these morons, especially from Coast haven’t thrown him out of office or declared secession

Will never happen in Kenya… We are thoroughly infected with tribal bigotry that if you start anything like that, we will only ask for your second name before we trash you, compartmentalize you, and brand you! Revolution is some people have tried to do in Kenya all along but they were villified for their tribe, and for being anti-deveropment…

It is time we enjoyed the consequences of our choices without asking others to join us, coz we also never joined them.

That’s it

You can believe what you want son. Fact is, no Kenyan who did not vote for this gava will join you in your belated 'revoruchon". Dead on arrival!