The refreshing Donald

[SIZE=6]Trump offers to ‘destroy’ state senator’s career after county sheriff airs complaint[/SIZE]
Feb 7th 2017 1:57PM

President Donald Trump offered on Tuesday to ‘destroy’ a Texas state senator’s career after a local sheriff aired out his complaints.

During a White House meeting with local sheriffs from around the country, Trump asked attendees seated around a table to share any concerns. Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson told the president he is concerned with a certain lawmaker who opposes asset forfeiture legislation.

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3 Likes still exists??!

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Those Trevor Noah sketches where he depicts Drumpf as an old school African dictator were spot on. 20 days of edicts and rants that would make M01 jealous.

Wacheni billionaire afanye kazi.

Trevor Noah is not the president, Trump is so hiyo upuzi peleka hukoooo------------------------------------>

Trump is going to bully every opposing voice into submission. Hata sioni Judiciary ya US ikistop huyu msee… anaweza toa “Executive Order” sacking all of them.