The ref is a....... woman

Juventus Vs dynamo Kiev


They are spoiling the beuatiful game. A woman’s place is in the Kitchen

What does a woman know about the offside rule?

No problem as long as she is qualified.

Mimi sioni shida especially kama ata ref game za wanawake kama liverfools vs manchietha united… zinakuwanga zinahitaji some oestrogen kiasi…

You saw the backlash against aguero right??
Ngoko tu aliguzwa mabega swara wakadai ni assault
Fvck this sh*t

Perhaps then teams will have a right to choose the refs for their games by mutual agreement…

bora ako fit ni sawa but akiwa periods aanze feelings ma redcard zipepee

Hapo ngumu
Teams usually don’t decide who officiates their games

Except Man U

The feminists are determined to take over all spheres of our life.

except for the demeaning spheres like


They will never be able to make it there