The Redpill community migrates out of Reddit

After some feminist management took over Reddit they’ve been trying hard to eliminate this space. They banned the original redpill subreddit and the guys came up with a new subreddit called asktrp which was also facing some serious pressure. Finally these guys tired of Reddit’s cat and mouse game, came up with their new forum:

About the Redpill, feminists & modern women would want men to be into two distinct categories: the fuack/party boy and the beta male provider.

The fuckboy is the fun guy who is used for fun purposes when young modern ladies are still ‘exploring’
Once these ladies are done partying, they’ll go and marry the beta male providers who are now successful after having spent their younger years working hard but are a sexually starved men

Now the Redpill tries to break all these especially for the beta male provider. This seriously threatens the hierarchy when beta males are ‘awoken’ up.

See visual illustration of Fcuk Boy and Beta male below

Its the “woke” wazungu who run these major social media sites. So if you talk negative stuff about women and lgbtq utapigwa vita mzito.

Feminazis and misandrists are 100% allowed to be sexist against straight men. They can encourage violence against straight men and they will trend on twitter.

That was expected ,the gynocracy can’t lose the game without a fight.

There will always be winners and losers, beta males and alpha males, fat cats and starving dogs.

Vitu zingine ni nature and nothing can change that including those stupid red. pilL forums. Just know where you are in the hierarchy and know what to do to emerge as a winner. Forget about everyone else because its literally impossible to save everyone - it is essentially a fool’s errand.

Foolish men have to exist for smart men to win. This fact applies in every aspect of life and not just dating/relationships. Poor people have to exist for one person to become a billionaire. There must be winners and losers in every competitive aspect of human life - mating, resources, social class, sports, territory, power etc. Get used to it and position yourself accordingly to be a winner. Fk everyone else.

If too many people know a trick, the trick stops working. If too many men become red-pilled, the philosophy will stop working. There is literally no way of “saving” beta males from their own devices.

But we still try to save them, some of us been simps before and we got saved…so we gotta reach to them lost brothers

Even if everyone was red pilled, there would still be winners and losers in the sexual marketplace because there are genetic factors in attraction (e.g height, face, dick size, voice etc) and we will always be different genetically. Learning alpha behaviors will not save you from these genetic realities unfortunately

Brownskin leo umebinja point vilivyo na ukafika threshold. KONGOLE braza meni

Same way they banned Roosh v and Charteau heartiste websites. Naona mgtow forums ndio next pale Reddit. Many redpill YouTube channels have also been demonitised. Men are not boarding ata wafanye nini. We cannot marry hoes and single mothers. We cannot cater to people whom the risk of divorce is high. Women are going to suffer alot under this synthetic matriachy sooner, ni ile tu hawajui.

sijasoma hiyo essay yake but I am sure iko na either the word single mother, millionaire, or billionaire. Prove me wrong nikutumie thao (leta till number)

i saw kwa subreddit ya r/FemaleDatingStrategy ile utoto inakuwanga huko wacha tu. giving a mere logical suggestion invites bashing from all angles.

ulienda kutafuta nini huko?

Me myselefu has saved several lost brothers. One of them had to cancel a wedding after I showed him the natural habitat of a kunguru he wanted to domesticate.

wedding cancellation is a gold medal moment

what intel did u reveal to the guy, coz these twats are good at concealment and pretence

My late dad once told me that it is not easy advising a man falling in love unless he meets his waterloo. Kunguru alikuwa anagawa kugawa ilhali boy wetu anaorganise wedding. Being a man about town, nilikuwa nakutana na yeye frequently Nairobi West but hakuwa ananiona. Adviced the young turk to tag along one day akajionea mwenyewe. From there, it was easy hammering the message about kungurus and their wild ways home.

May God bless you and your people sir

Apo ulivunja nyumba ya wenyewe buana

Takataka wewe

??? Yani unafurahia when a man marries crap??..huna roho nzuri