The reasons Kenyans never enjoy Democracy

The best society is one in which the middle class are majortity and control a larger portion in most sectors in the community. Kenya is run by few extremely wealthy individuals and contrary to a standard nation, comprised of a very large percentage of people living below poverty line. Again those few in control of the economy, own more than the summation of what the other two class occupants own.
It is no surprise, when in such a supposed democratic nation, the president publicly claims that he doesn’t need votes from one of the largest tribes for him to win. Well, as his subjects the citizens owe him respect, but again he should deserve it.

what are the reasons.again???


very wrong across the world Kuna the super rich

Can you rephrase whatever you want to put across in a layman’s language

Who will be the audience in the layman’s language

Who will be the audience in the layman’s language?

My friend @Detanimulli, Here the majority that you are addresing are kamwana sycophants and they wont see anything wrong with what he said. All of them are of the type, no hear no see evil within. You are going to be very frustrated

@Detanimulli I greet you

I have experienced democracy since 2002, all my Democratic choices clinch the seats.

True but you fail to appreciate a number of things. Firstly, the wealth in functioning societies is distributed in such a way that whereas there are the super rich, a greater majority does not suffer humiliating poverty. Secondly, there exist pains attendant to being super rich. Property taxes being the most prominent one. Thirdly, in such functioning societies, you don’t get super rich by stealing from the masses or manipulating the system to your undue advantage. You will be severely punished for that.
Now, consider the above points in the context of Kenya. To the first point, I have been to areas in Kenya, some parts of Nairobi included, where humans live worse lives than animals. To the second point, the more you get rich, regardless of the means, the more your licences to break laws and generally become untouchable. To the third point, the less said the better. Your answer lies in the number of people running for elective posts.

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