The reason Msando was killed - it's not about rigging

Console the mourning family please. No Kenyan life should be lost at this time !

Jesus turned 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes into enough food to feed 5,000 people.
Jakuon is trying to turn one bullet into an ICBM… to destroy a Nation if he doesn’t have his way.


nimekuskia elder, my condolences to the family of Msando.

Prof Nyong’o said so in a press conference, things are getting worse kaseee

It is funny how when I talk to almost all Jubilee supporters on various issues like the death of Msando, most of their arguments are quite similar. Hata hii yako ya postponement / suspension of elections nimeskia.

The propaganda about Msando being with a mpango wa kando was conveniently started by Moses Kuria on sunday and at that time the two bodies were in city mortuary.

Yesterday the police reported that Mhandos body and a ladys body was found. Now Jubilee supporters are following Moses Kuria`s tune that the dead lady was a mpango wa kando. Watu wamekuwa kondoo

NASA remains the biggest suspect from my point of view.Their actions b4 his death and after his death remains suspicious.Could it have been a plot to bring their allegations about IEBC to climax ?

Mudavadi and Orengo are saying that there is no other person at IEBC who has the caliber of Msando to handle the ICT infrastructre .[/QUOTE]

That Musando was the best mind IEBC had in ICT were Chebukati’s sentiments… so now that Mudavadi and Orengo are echoing the same becomes a discredit to IEBC…

NASA has never complained about incompetence, but rather interference by the known and unknown forces.

The only time NASA called for UN intervention was in overseeing the printing of ballots, hii yako ya US, UK, France, EU, FBI ni umeffi ya ukoloni imejaa kwa kichwa yako


Longest 7 days ever!

Wajaluo wako kwa serikali wakae level headed wawache kuchukua sides

it thought you start with a motive, then the killer?

You get the killer first, then question him/her to get the motive (why they killed him), if the killers were paid, who paid them? and the trail goes like that until we get to the root cause.

Hii siasa siwez ongea tena nikubaya .

What if that Wanjigi guy is the one muddying these waters?

:D:Diebc should have saved their millions

look at this tweet. if you read between the lines, intimidate the IEBC officials by killing one of their own and the credibility of the polls is thrown out (and we know what that means to NASA, it has been their favorite project of late). And the introduction of the US/UK to meddle

“Uchaguzi utafanyika tarehe nane mwezi wa nane” - Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta


Sasa officer mzima akishikwa na wasiwasi na ako na gun, je sisi ordinare?

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#provokatsiya #dezinformatsiya
These two doctrines are very much in play in our country. It is good for us not to take the bait as Kenyans.