The reality of divorce as told by men who have gone through it

Team Alpha Better … hawa majamaa wako team gani @Karoga new members ,new members for your kagroup.

Huyu Ni beta male tu just got burnt:D:D:D:D:D ,he was welcomed to the BOILING THE FROG syndrome,sisi alpha males tunajua mambo ya hii syndrome and we evade it by pumping and dumping,we are also aware about female nature you just can’t compromise with women ,why her naccissitic nature can’t allow this it’s either she wins or loses and we all know about how women handle losses , passive aggressive behavior and action s / gas lighting and stone walling behavior .:D:D:D:D

I couldnt get the other side for Amani’s exe but I got something from Marcus Olang’s exe. So sad. May God see all divorcees thru the painful process.

Mashida is mbaiya

Siku utatoka hio cult yenu tell me I unblock you, otherwise I dont and cant read anything you post, I dont need that negativity.

This was one month before the divorce. Marriage needs prayers. In one month time you can go from happily married to bitter divorce. The devil works sharp and swiftly to destroy all thats good.

Hii si ni ile upuzi ya Sheila Mwinyigah? I told the hoe kwa twitter that women love beta men. Yaani men that are weak and emotional. Why can’t she host @Andrew Kibe ama Cyprian Nyakundi?

Mamamah!!! Nyakundi mtu alitusi prezzos dota over nothing , Kenyan women are alot of things but suicidal aint one of them.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ,ati nimekula block, anyway , boiling the frog is an expression used to describe married men,the frog/ men when put directly in hot water ,inaruka Mara moja ,away from the water ,but if you put th.e same frog in room temperature water and heat the water , slowly but surely the frog will try to adapt to the raising water temperature untill it dies,the heat raising the water is the wife ,the container is the society / government na the water is the woman emotional manipulation / tantrum s,na the frog is a BETA MALE.:D:D,na usalimie Yule kijana wetu ,umwambie akae strong na kue alpha male MGTOW