The Real Ukrainian


Ukraine has tribes
What is the war in Ukraine all about? NATO says Russia invaded a sovereign state of Ukrainians. But who are these Ukraine bitches? The internet is rife with fake histories and those recently planted will take you round in circles for the sake of NATO goals.
500 years are enough for a tribal or national identity to emerge and be established. A perusal of European maps since 1500 reveal that no nation called Ukraine ever existed till somewhere in the 20th century. When it came to be, it had two halves. The Western half comprises mongrel admixture of Poles, Lithuanians and Germans. They are predominantly Catholic.

The Cossack tribe
The Eastern half comprises the Cossack, a warrior Slavic people that have never existed as a distinct nation. They had over the centuries been oppressed by the other half of Ukraine. These are the real Ukrainians. They have a jumpy jumpy dance everyone else calls a Russian dance. In attempts to break free from serfdom, their ancestors swore allegiance to the Russian empire and converted en masse into Eastern Orthodox Christian rite (which does not see eye to eye with Catholicism).
With the post-communism emergence of liberalism and no-nazis, the Cassocks were on the receiving end of discrimination in the Ukraine they thought was home. Now they fight with Russians to achieve their goal of reunification with Russia. For this they are branded as merely pro-Russian Separatists.


Kweli kapsah that’s why I support Putin to protect diasporian Russian. We should annex tufike Kyiv.