The Real OG

From Mharo News


He ain’t a real G if he got caught.

Real Gs move in silence like lasgna

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D a real ghost worker


Face looks dumber than @uwesmake s asss.

Hiii si sura ya hacker. Siku hizi mnaamini takataka

:smiley: nikama aliruka fence. System inasema keep them locked kama hizi ngombe
images (9).jpeg

Shida hapa ni system wadau. The system is broken … if you can pull one of this.

Isn’t the giver of the salaries aware of how many people he should pay? Ama ni kupress enter na mishahara zinacreditiwa?

Virtually impossible. The process is very long and includes giving so many details. Then there are the constituency codes you assign each employee. Finally it passes through so many hands to be entered into system.

Including getting an IFMIS number from treasury.