The Real Numbers. WSR's Goose is Cooked.

We dont click here.
Umbwa wewe!

@Someone will say you’re a @revisionist

 his support appears to have fled. But maybe ako na masterplan

@Sana Sana, the Ktalk blogger numero uno will tell you it’s a STRATEGY…


Zile strategy za Agwambo, He was jumping from one Mega Blunder to the other, and all his supporters would say, wewe ngoja tu, hujui RAO.

Hehe… Ruto may be brilliant, but you guys are giving him too much credit. Ruto isnt a magician

Ruto is finished. Let him go back to rearing chickens in Surgoi.

Who fights a system? It is only Uhuru who knows and must know what happens all over Kenya. He is barely intelligent, yes. He is barely educated, yes. He lacks so many qualities, yes! But all Kenyans must rally around him so that we move on.

He has educated people in his cabinet. None has ever resigned coz Uhuru did not pursue his path!! Yes, You MUST support the government of the day! I am a God! And I said so!

Election time will come!

Ruto should just kneel down before Uhuru na kuomba msahama and hope he is forgiven.

Never! Mwambie Ruto ampigie simu John Ineo! Jambo la wazi ni kuwa tusijpendekeze ki pesa.

Meza dawa my friend. Inakaa uliskip your medications.

Wewe uli"skip" kuma! Uko na nyege! Ndiyo, nyege imekukaba bongo!

Hiyo nayo ni kweli Baba. Hebu nitafutie ka slayqueen nipunguze grease kwa ball joints. Rusha number inbosk