The real face of Zoomalians


Alafu wakiwa hapa Kenya ni kusumbua na some stupid narrative on how they built and run Kenyan economy. Fuckin stupid skinnies.

stupid idiots

Ex U.S Marine @Regis2812 amesema msikaribie malls.

@Regis2812 has long sensitive nipples which tingle when he senses danger. And this time round he senses danger.

Somalis are just like you and I. The devil’s religion aka Islam is what makes them act like this. Pray that more of them will find the truth of Jesus Christ, perhaps immigrating to kenya is the gospel exposure their souls desperately need!

Those fuckers are not even real Muslims. They are bombing fellow Muslims! Hawa ni wakora. They really hate seeing the country moving forward which is why they kill people as well as destroy infrastructure.

Na pia wivu. If you see Moha who has just arrived from Minneapolis na amevaa poa. He is in his 40s na mlikuwa mnacheza pamoja. Na amesoma na pia amejenga nyumba poa unaskia hapana. Yaani they want to disrupt those who are moving forward. Because if Somalia moves fowards and builds schools that will starve shabab of fighters. It is hard to indoctrinate people who are educated and have skills with which to feed themselves.

It is very telling that they attacked the Ministry of education. They feel threatened by that ministry which they have attacked several times before.

:D:D:D:D ati wakona rais mtukufu