The Real Estate Boom

Cannot tell if you’re being sarcastic ama ni degree ndo hauna. Anyway, regardless, wacha mutombwe.

OP is saying very stupid things but very confidently

OP you must be retarded. Hata nyumba zikijengwa you already know what happens next. Cartels will allocate themselves and resell the houses at a premium. Corruption in Kenya can’t allow the ordinary mwananchi to benefit from that scheme. The outcome will be enriching corrupt cartels not helping slum dwellers. So, mbona watu wakatwe mshahara kutajirisha mabwenyenye. The government has already proved that it is incapable of fighting and preventing corruption.

You need to get serious with life. Hio bangi zima

Ni kama ni troll lakini if he believes in what he is typing unaona shida kweli Kenya ni low IQ citizenry

Enda soma katiba yetu mkubwa. Housing iko humo ndani. Ni vile tumeishi vibaya for long hadi inakaa jaba stories.

Watu Wanaishi Vibaya wapi? Are those folks in ruiru, kitengela etc living badly?
Does the constitution says government should provide housing?
Folks are living quite well, enda ngara civil servant houses ndo utajua you don’t know shit.

According to the constitution, these are not the only people who deserve access to some better built structures. Real estate got hijacked somewhere along the way. It’s not very realistic to pay 5000-6000 pm for a 10ftx10ft room in the lower income earners’ estates. A way has to be found to better housing for all, even if it’s not through the proposed bill.

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    The only way is to increase people's disposable income, people will naturally upgrade as long as they have enough disposable income.

Give people permanent jobs or increase business opportunities and see people develop themselves.
When mobile phones licences were liberated or when by pass were built, how many folks do you think had their lives transformed completly?

In the last 10 years we have witnessed over 20 multibillion corruption cases in Kenya. Today, none of the suspects is in jail. In the entire history of this country, no person who has looted more than 1 billion has seen the inside of a prison. Why would any rational Kenyan trust this government with their paycheck??

NHIF (another mandatory contribution) has already been looted to the core. Hustler expects you to trust him with more money and ignore the government’s bad track record.

The government is not your friend and the sooner you clowns realize it, the better. That’s why the elite dodge as many taxes as they possibly can.

Wakikuyu ni watu wajinga sana. They’ll keep fucking up this country until we find a solution.

Man, you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s like the housing market is playing a game rigged against us regular folks. So, I totally understand your frustration. It’s nuts how prices keep skyrocketing while the average Joe struggles to find something affordable. But hey, it’s refreshing to see someone like the president stepping up and trying to make a change. And you’re spot on about investing in property. Places like Armani Beach Residences could be a game-changer. It’s all about seizing the right opportunities, especially in a market as wild as this one!

sounds like you have a strong opinion on the housing levy and its implications on the real estate market in Vumbistan. You’ve highlighted concerns about the influence of the political class, who may have vested interests in maintaining high property prices and opposing measures that could make housing more affordable for ordinary citizens.

Your argument suggests that affordable housing initiatives could potentially disrupt the status quo where inflated property prices benefit a few at the expense of many. You emphasize the need for the government to intervene and create a more balanced housing market where prices reflect actual demand and affordability. your message is passionate and critical of what you perceive as vested interests manipulating the housing market. It’s clear you believe in the potential benefits of affordable housing schemes in correcting market imbalances and reducing rental costs, particularly in Nairobi and its surrounding areas.