The Real DON Of Equity Bank. Billionaire Peter Munga.

Many people know James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO, there is another Don, the Founder Mr. Peter K. Munga. Huyu ndiye Sonko wa Equity Bank


Every successful person has a grass-to-grace story and for former Equity Bank Chairman Peter Munga, the tale was a rather heartbreaking one.

In a sit-down the tycoon disclosed that his childhood was problematic especially after his father got detained in 1952 after the colonial government declared a state of emergency while he was a primary school student.


“We left the village to go and help my father with business in Nairobi, but things changed after he was committed to jail. Fortunately, an Italian priest, Father Clemenceau offered me a scholarship that enabled me to enroll in Standard Four at Tuuthu Primary in Murang’a,” he stated.

After passing his primary school examination, he got admitted to Mugoiri Intermediate School but failed to get in for lack of Ksh250 and was forced to trade places with a child from a wealthy background.
In his new school, Gaichanjuri High School in Kangema, Munga often had to work menial jobs to supplement his school fees and at some point, he had to sneak out in order to land the jobs.

At the time, he used to work as a handyman to former Minister John Michuki who back then worked as a colonial administrator.

Wow wow! This dude is filthy rich. Huyu ni level ya akina Manu Chandaria ama the late Chris Kirubi. BILLIONAIRE

Very down to earth fella. Utampata akivuta tufegi pale kwa ofisi yake…he doesnt even have a corner office as such just a ka room hivi hivi

chief, huyu MUNGA ni nani ?

Mbona unajiongelesha @Ndindu

Poor millionaire enjoys a similar lifestyle making money moves lakini living lowkey hata simu natype nayo ni shitty. Hoping to be a poor billionaire huko mbele…

Hahaha wacha kutubeba ndogo…huyu ndiye (equity) muiganania founder, equity group chairman and I believe at one time largest share holder. He owns akina pioneer university and some nut processor pale muranga.

Mzee nimekula pesa yake sana when I was an IT consultant.

Unapenda kuchochana sana :smiley:

Vitu nikasema hapa I might doxx myself but I have collected so many cheques from his office in Muthaiga which is behind the cop station.
May this son of Rwathia continue thriving.

Huyu ndiye boss wa James Mwangi. Real Billionaire

najua mtasema na lamba chief matako, but on a serious note they are relatives.And i have to admit Munga is a very humble fella, some governors in mt kenya are in office because of his generosity

Mdau sasa ume push hii story ya chief sana

Kuna accountant wake apo sumbua sana…but mzee and his kijana wako cool kabisa

Mwangi also shouldn’t be discounted…equity was like a JV. Mwangi collapsed some bank alikuwa an executive in the early 90s and took that cash as seed capital ya kupeperusha equity ndo ikue bank…on paper jamaa ni employee lakini munga anatambua huyu kijana

Mi simjui pia ,namuona leo

Ukiendelea hivi si matako yake tu utakuwa unalamba

Alaaaa… enyewe these many old timers stay away from the limelight…wako but wako chini ya maji excess

Ever heard of St. Paul Thomas Academy and pioneer high school . Hakuwezi kosa alumni wa hizo shule hii kijiji . He was very active kwa hizo chuo zake…parades etc etc

Trade bank. Was doing my internship huko at the time. Jamaa alisafisha huko sana.