The Rational Male

Anyone who has pdf format of this book and any kindly share

The only book we peruse is katiba aka siegz

Leta hekaya kwanza. What has the kunguru done?

@Kodiaga Ile soft copy yahitajika hapa. Na alipe registration fee

Vile @uzito amesema. What manner of character development have you been subjected to
Na utafute Free Agent Lifestyle na The Red Pill Handbook

CGA ako sawa

wacha nikutafutie free agent lifestyle

Kapsa. Ile Blue Chip Mindset livestream yake huwa smart sana. Biz na current affairs on point, si madem kila saa

Ulisoma lord of the rings? A song of ice and fire? We ngoja tu waifanye movie.

Utapata the village beggar @cortedivoire reading that book kwa dirty dungeon akivaa pyjamas armed to the teeth with 150/= drinking chrome thinking to change his already doomed life .
Instead of saving the 150/= ,the dog will woo a cheap whore and within a split of an eye arsenal shirt raised and savco jeans lowered he is on his knees licking the whore condemning his soul to abyss

Ongea na Wamangeta 300 nimedinya hawker - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk akimaliza aukurushie

you can still search and download it online

The only song of ice and fire najua ni ile whiskey ya Johnny walker banae

Nauza 150

Ndio hii

Thanks mkuu.You can share more if you have.

shika @Caryobax


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