The Raila factor in Kenyan elections

Is there any election Raila has ever accepted defeat? 1997 2007 2013 2017 and now 2022 are all shambolic and rigged according to him.
He chased Kivuitu, Isaac Hassan, Chiloba and now he is after Chebukati. You want to convince me that all those people have rigged elections against Raila even when he had absolute govt support like this elections, with full support of outgoing president and security services?
The only election Raila will ever accept as free and fair is the one in which he wins. And as long as Raila runs for presidency in Kenya we shall always have a problem in that elections as a country.

1997 arap Moi rigged and Kibaki went to court.
2007 Eck boss Kivuitu said he doesnt know who won.
2013 Raila went to court, was told to accept and move on.
2017 he was rigged out,went to court,Dp Ruto forced Uhuru not to give up and cling on to power.
2022 rigged again and now seeking legal and constitutional means to fight.
No mass action,violence baba mweupe kama pamba.

He isn’t even a factor anymore, just a washed-up has-been.

At The very least the man has an understanding of democracy

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Something good has always come out of his grievances.

2007 started the achievement of 2010 constitution.
2013 how supreme court should better deal with elections,also it signified the end of violent ethnic riots.‘we don’t agree with the court but we obey its judgement’ is a phrase used then and I expect it be used in 2022
2017 standards of the election,polling station,etc
2022 I hope the court will emphasized a voter must be given 6 ballots,if they are not intrested in anyone they live the ballot blank.Also,I hope this animal called rigging/manipulation/the chair of iebc will be dealt with clearly.

Plus its a bonus,a drill,kenyans get to develop shock absorbers for different worst case scenarios.If it could be elsewhere in Africa,the army could have taken sides or take over,but here people are learning.They vote and go on with there lives,watu wabaki wakikunjana bomas and supreme court.