The Queen of Saudade - Cesaria Evoria

Pick a black person and drop them in any culture…the results are always the same, they come out on top in Musical arts. Take it the way you want, that is facts and its a good thing. Wale wa kusema hizi ni markingz za ubonobo, mmekubaliwa kusema vile mnataka. Wale wataenjoy, here is some nice artistry from a daughter of the brown soil

Am really into Merengue music from the Antilles and Lusophone Saudade, so I will share this Angolan Masterpiece

the thing is that this is the kind of music you resonate with. or you associate music with money. the best music is actually free.

This is a deep truth

learnt about her from Stromae’s Ave Ceasaria. The language barrier is a hindrance though.

I really enjoy Cesaria, I think you can also check on Boy Ge Mendes, Dulce Matias and even Zeca Di Nha Reinalda.
Too much talent to choose from

She didn’t write Sodade though. It was kinda disappointing to learn that.