The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King...

Unconfirmed reports suggest we may have a King… King Charles

I thought you meant politically hapa .ke


She is gone, what you are seeing now is choreography

Why do we even pay attention to those racist morons… it should be a non issue to talk about

Good riddance kabisa.

Death to all european monarch.

Africa suffered genocide, land, resources plunder under their name and crown.

May they suffer eternal damnation.

It’s actually almost confirmed that she is in a coma or worse gone.
Vile Aljazzera wamepaint a very gloomy picture…

siwezi mind kuona funeral procession of her excelencey the queen mother before being laid to rest in royal vault beneath st Edinburgh castle in 4k

enyewe huyo mumama ameishi sana banae
wacha apumuzikeko

Good riddance.
May she rot eternally in the pits of hell.

SHe has lived more years in pure luxury/privilege than all your descendants combined

So? If conspicuous consumption is how you measure ultimate value then so be it.
Otherwise that is inconsequential to the suffering she’s caused & benefited from downpressing people of colour globally.

:D:D:Dking atapigwa ma mee too na liberal kungurus

Yet you did.

The queen mother died along time ago.

Read about operation London bridge is down

Is your mind stuck in 2002?


She lived her life


WOOOOOW…Are you saying this out of admiration for her and the entire monarchy?

Will chickenman attend the funeral?