The 'QR' Nation, ..One with Twisted Knowledge of How Religion Works

This is not about, who’s muslim or christian and who’s not

It is not about kuosha mesho …so, y’all juvenile talkers with fully grown butt hairs, wander somewhere else

This is about each of those times i have been on facebook to see someone commenting QR for quick recovery for a post informing of some sickness befalling someone else

If you really care about that person getting any better, why shorten even what should supposedly be your prayer for him

Are most of the Kenyans born dumb …are we mass produced like one section of a dump being similar to the next one? …unless ofcourse you squeeze your mcoosh tight and it cookie-cuts it

Yaani in this country you just have to say something and everyone jumps on it, like ‘nayo’

But all that is incomparable to when i stumble upon those fb posts that say, ‘You shall not die a premature death’ in whoever’s name


Whats a premature death?

Everyone dies at their God-appointed time …not a second earlier, not a millisecond later

ferk mcooshes


Umepona mcooondu

I was perturbed to learn the meaning of qr ni nini