The Purge

If you’re one of those long-heads who use Lipa na Mpesa at supermarket checkout, I’ll be out to get you. …As soon as they announce the date.

I’m gonna bake a mix of wheat flour and cement; will be smacking niggers in the head widdit. If holding up a line is your thing try holding up a power line.


PS: I CANNOT believe that them niggers really took the street lamps off the poles when the governors’ conference ended. Now they’re just being assholes.

@hakimoto leta prediction, niko na mbao ya kuchoma…

Why are you here? This is a gay thread.

Gay Gooner @LIEN @juha unaitwa…[ATTACH=full]169447[/ATTACH]


rue story? au ni zile story tumezoea kusikia from that side of kenya?

True. They put up street lamps and placed the governors’ pictures underneath them. The lamps were removed. The silly pics are still there. If I pass by I’ll take a picture.

alisema atasimama prizden akimaliza muhula…

Kulikuwa na karibu kilomita moja ya lamps. Zote haziko. Huyu gavana wetu ni ovyo tu.


Niaje maraya ya Wenger @LIEN