The proposed Nilotic Union

Now that plans for a Bantustan are in high gear , I’m trying to imagine how a nation with a cocktail of these people would look like :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nilotic Ethnic groups;source wikipedia

Nilotic people constitute the bulk of the population of South Sudan. The largest of the Sudanese Nilotic peoples are the Dinka, who have as many as twenty-five ethnic subdivisions. The next largest group are the Nuer, followed by the Shilluk.

The Nilotic people in Uganda include the Luo peoples(Acholi, Lango, Alur, Adhola and Kumam), Ateker peoples (Iteso, Karamojong and Lango, who despite speaking Luo, have cultural Atekere origins) Sebei and Kakwa

In East Africa, the Nilotes are often subdivided into three general groups:
[li]The Plain Nilotes: they speak Maa languages and include the Maasai, Samburu and Turkana[/li][li]The River Lake Nilotes: the Joluo (Kenyan Luo), who are part of the larger Luo group[/li][li]The Highland Nilotes: subdivided into two groups, the Kalenjin and the Datog[/li][LIST]
[li]Kalenjin: Elgeyo, Kipsigis, Marakwet, Nandi, Pokot, Sabaot, Terik and Tugen [Keiyo][/li][li]Datog: represented mainly by the Barabaig and small clusters of other Datog speakers[/li][/ul]
Map of the great Nilotstan

Nilotic Union Map :Note how it resembles a revolver which is the national symbol of the great Union

Their landlocked economy would be largely dominated by cattle rustling and goat herding .

The Luos would be the professional class while the Kalenjins would be the police.Dinkas ,and Nuers would form most of the army while the Pokots would be the Special forces/Navy Seals with bases in Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria .

Make my dream come true nilotes :D:D:D:D

:D:D:Dati map inakaa revolver???
Ifuo swayaa


Nimeisha bana:D:D

A Nilotic state won’t make sense.
It would be better for them to join our Bantu empire and assimilate.
Speak Kiswahili and learn our customs.


Luos are the ones who mostly assimilate their neighbours, if u look around on the entire borders of Luo land you will find out they absorbed so many bantus into their culture, hence the Abasuba, partly Amrachi, Samia, me thinks luos are the Masters of assimilation, Na ndo wameo wanawake from all over earth, “Kuna jaluo juzi ameo Eskimo bwana”

It would implode due to lack of a culture of coexistence. Look around you. In Muhoroni the Nandi descend on the Luo occasionally, Pokot, Samburu and Turkana is the devil’s triangle. The Toposa collect Turkana scalps for sport. Dinka and Nuer is where the devil is domiciled.

Factor in the meagre resources they have to scrounge for around river nile and you see the picture of hell

Kalenjins to be police :D:D:D

I think the Luo would be marginalized. Living next to sedentary communities tamed them and they lost the hardcore war dna. They’ve grown soft or sophisticated which ever way you want to look at it. In a union with Pokot, Turkana, Nuer, Toposa, their professionalism would be their weakness. The other groups still retain and retrain in hardcore stone age war formations and regimentation, and when it comes to power and existence professionalism pelekea mbuta

Hio federation coup d’etat ndio ina eza kuwa order of the day. They will make somali failed society to look like a child play.
Hizi dimwit kazi itakuwa kulimana. Kwa our jaduong brothers wakapata missile launchers. They will conquer the whole world. Ikiwa they make nairopi to be ungovernable juu ya kutupa mawe.

No they won’t. They terrorize Nairobi because it is made up of sedentary communities largely and the modern economic system. The only Nilotes who would want to counter them in Nairobi are the maasai but they never have a dog in the fight. The other nilotes in Nairobi have been domiciled by the modern economy. But living in a union based in Jonglei amongst Dinka and Dinka-Bor, Nuer, Toposa, Shilluk, Karamoja, Acoli, Kakwa they’ll be minced meat before you say Akuku Danger

Buda umenimalisa:D:D:D

The proper name is Vayolenstan not nilotstan.

And the katiba Azimio la Mawe

Peace is attained through blood,sweat and tears. Restraint is what guarantee peace. Hizi dimwits wakiwa na weapons. They will exterminate all of themselves. They will be no one to rule.
Kuna siku niliona dimwit wakiadminister mob justice. Ndio nilijua hawa watu hawafai kuwa kwa same genus with humans.


The New S.Sudan:D:D:D

Oooooh Bantu slaves with their inferiority complex always find a way of making themselves feel better. Bantus are the lowest of the human scum. They’re weak, docile, have zero military skills, and obviously easy to exploit. Arabs did it, Europeans did it, American slave traders did it, Belgians did it, Cushites and Nilotes do it. Indians always do it.

When Europeans and Indians came to Africa, it didn’t take them long to learn that Bantus were naturally slaves. That’s why you will always find Bantus kissing the Indian asses pale industrial area.

Eskimo is politically incorrect … Inuit is their politically correct name.