The propaganda that is Haiti

I refuse to believe traditional media in world geopolitics. Once again I dove to improve to my knowledge about Haiti and Cherizier Barbeque.
My conclusion is trust any English article about current situation at your own chagrin. Why I say so? Scroll down to videos 1 and 2. Especially video 2.

What’s wrong with Haiti?

It’s radicalized capitalism. Haiti is largely controlled by 6 oligarchs. The Bourgeois. ( Refer to video 3) They control government and 90% of economy. They are mainly of Indian, white and sometimes but rarely black backgrounds: eg Bigio, Boulos, Marc Acra, Mevs… To return patronage, politicians give them unfettered access to government contracts ( institutions):

The problem is mass flow of weapons to country, primarily from the United States. How? Department of State makes agreements with the Bourgeois on whom to put to power. Sometimes it takes a “fist” which they supply the “glove”. For example, Aristide was removed by Reginald Boulos who I mentioned above.

Here is Hilary Clinton negotiating next President of Haiti:

Cherizier Bbq wants to be peoples’ champ: To rinse the country of the Bourgeois. He’s using street gang G9 an fanmi group. But there’s warring factions in the streets. Bourgeoise use one group ( mainly G-pep) to destroy the other. Is Bbq even in any gang. I am led to believe his recent “threats” of a civil war have been twisted to create a narrative. That he’s a savage gang paramilitary leader.

But to make gains on the political front, he has a lot of work to do. Going against the UN/US will be tough. They have sent a ridiculous amount of false reports about him to the UN. Some of them are from YouTube videos. And as of yesterday closed door meeting, a 5,000 force from Kenya, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, , Benin, Chad is about to be deployed.

Videos here:




BabaQ is a freedom fighter for the oppressed masses. Akae ngumu he will be doing Kenya a great service by eliminating corrupt police officers.


BBQ for president!!! He will slaughter d- on the BBQ grill mercilessly


I have watched Haiti unfold even before the president was assassinated, and I can confidently state that BBQ is not a big fish in the grand scheme of things. In fact, back then when he was being interviewed by, say, foreign journalists from the Netherlands, he was a mere thug like those Gaza clowns huko Kayole or wherever. After the death of the president, Cherizier became bolder.

Unbelievably, there are regions of Haiti that are very peaceful, as if the capital is not in turmoil. Most of them even welcome tourists, and Haitians are living their daily lives as if akina BBQ and the other tens of gangs do not exist. That points to the fact that akina BBQ are a front for the rich or factions of politicians, as you point out. They are very dispensable.


BBQ is the people’s choice with 80% of Haiti under his control


bbq afungue butchery d- :green_emoji: :green_emoji:fwack patriotism

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Huko naskia kuna cannibalism.

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And voodoo

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Ina itwah obeah. Pia Satanist huko. Huko Christianity was kicked out with the french colonialist. Ukifanya research utapata ni dini yao ya tradition ndio musungu Anaita uchawi.

Where arevyou getting this statistics from