The problem with this country

As long as ya’ll keep importing more than 80% of manufactured goods, and as long as ya’ll don’t go back and perfect agriculture, proper land utilization first before moving to industry and finally service economy, Africa will never get into anything noticeable. Africans are not patient or rather strategic enough to mature each step of economic levels before moving to the next. Industry builds on farming and Service economy builds on both agriculture and industry. They are interdependant. None exists without the other. Government do not have jobs. The government shouldn’t be a source of jobs, but rather create an environment that will allow the private sector to flourish and create jobs.

It is so sad that in Africa when we talk about jobs, what comes in the minds of our young men and women is having a luxurious office, telling employees or the public what to do and making millions and living the lifes of Sonkos and them. Bad role models offcourse.

Kenya should start focusing on necessities for now. Create an agricultural and industrial sector robust enough to feed your people first and meet basic necessities. Because the 40% kenyans at this time all they need is food and a place to sleep. Once the basics are guaranteed, now move to service industry.

Stop building all these 7 star billions worthy of hotels that are always vacant. No guests. Build to serve less than 5% of a kenyan population who affords them. Money wasted. Focus on the needs of your people instead of stealing money from government and investing in activities whose intent is to serve the mzungu and the less than 5% weathy kenyans. Thats why now there are so many luxury empty hotels, empty office buildings, empty and abandoned houses, empty or 1/4 filled appartment complexes, empty resorts and so on and so on. Wasteful spending.

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Githeri media do not air such news, @spear hata hii ilikupita?

You had to copy a statement from FB? That is the problem with this country. low IQ. Can’t think beyond copy-pasting. That’s why we copy paste products from china

There was a time that South Korea used to be a poor country poorer than Kenya cause of the Korean War but right now you wouldn’t even be able to tell, with a GDP of $1.5 trillion they rebuilt their country at an extremely fast rate,to surpass not only Kenya but even more developed countries like Spain,Russia and Italy.

They recently gave the country of Kenya Aid with promises of more.

They succeeded because they had competent leaders who understood the value of the young population,education and skill training in South Korea is number 1 they rank in the top 5 in the world when it science and math tests.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is highly encouraged,right now that computer or phone or TV or whatever electronics your using probably has a component that came from that country that’s if your not using a Samsung or LG,their car brands Kia and Hyundai compete with the best in the world favorably.

they have the 7th strongest army in the world.

This is an example of what good leadership can do for a country.

With this country’s unmotivated masses don’t expect change worth noticing.

In defence of one Mkuki aka @spear aka KK, he actually did a whole thread on the Nyandarua potatoes…

I was there na hakuongea about this recent development.

In order to do so, sacrifices have to be made.
1.Agriculture.The Agricultural Revolution in Europe did not take place on small scale farms.What they call “small” us usually a 40 hectare family farm.In Kiambu and Kisii I have seen 1 acre farms. Britain’s land tenure system which included only first borns inheriting land and the booting off of small scale farmers is the reason why its cities grew all of a sudden in the 1800s and we now have WASPs on every continent. Of course, we do not have colonies, but we should be promoting urbanization as a solution to the shortage of agricultural land we have. After all a spacious apartment covering a full 18th of an acre and is 20 floors high can have as many as 100 people.
2.Urbanization.Let us be frank, our towns and cities look like crap.No wonder some people prefer retiring back in rural Kenya when the opposite is happening elsewhere.If we made our towns beautiful and attractive, we would have full generations of urbanized Kenyans.
So let us build industries, well planned urban areas and remove people, at least those under 35 from rural Kenya. Let has have medium sized and large farms that rely on technology to grow food and just a few farmers overall.
Only 2% of Americans, 5% of French, 6% of Dutch practice Agriculture.The three nations are the top exporters of produce in the world.Even Israel which is often mentioned, is 92% urban.

The Europeans are only able to do that kind of farming due to[SIZE=7] EU farm subsidies. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]The Industrial Revolution supported the Agricultural Revolution, the industries started making small machinery. We don’t make any machines. We import or look for foreigners to come with their machines to farm on agricultural projects, also add value to our Agricultural produce.
Unfortunately, aspects of our direction and thinking is defective.[/SIZE]

How do u know i wasnt the one who wrote it in the first place, genious?

Our leaders dont think beyond owning prado tx and empty malls

I’ve always though about urban planning and I have concluded that we just need less than 10 cities to house the whole of Kenya .The rest of the land can be dedicated to agriculture and forestry .That might just wishful thinking but think about it .Nyayo Estate houses more than 20K people and it occupies very little footprint .We have vast tracts of land on both sides of Jogoo road that can house more than 500k people without congestion .Kenya and Nairobi and our cities are not overpopulated just badly designed .

@M2Random anaweza tusaidia hapa; ikija ni pesa ya looting, waporaji wanataka kuiosha haraka iwezekanavyo. Real estate ndio njia rahisi kufika hapo.
Mambo ya industry ni ya Wahindi, ata Dangote aligundua hapo tumelemewa. So itabidi tueke mikakati inasadia Asian investors kwa hio sector.

Why do you continue to spew this bullshit day in day out?