The problem with helping Kenyans .

You come across a product or service that is in great demand .You jump right into it and you start kunukisha kitunguu mbaya .Millions start flowing and life changes .Juu wewe ni msee mzuri you show your friend and he starts kunukusha kitunguu kama wewe .Your friend shows his friend who shows his friend who shows his friend .Kidogo copy cat businesses are all over town .Quality goes down and ile milioni ulikua unatengeneza peke yako mnagawana na watu wengine mia .The industry collapses and now you are left scratching your head .

If you come across a way to nukisha kitunguu ,milk it as long as you can because the moment you show others ,hio ng’ombe mtakua mnaikamua wengi in no time .

You are left scratching your balls!

But that is expected. You cannot enjoy supernormal profits for too long. That would be against all the rules of a rational market. Economics 101 I think it is.


It pays to do something that has a high barrier of entry, either skillwise or capital wise.


An economic summation of the quail eggs mystery

That’s why uhuru is buying weak dairy companies to have monopoly in the business.

And that’s why I don’t tell my business secrets. Ukichunguza vizuri, Wakenya wengi hawawezi kuambia pahali wananukisha kitungu.

Utaona jamaa anaamka 11 a.m na haujawahi muona akienda 9 to 5 kama amevaa suti lakini akona pesa ya kuenda foreign trips abroad na anaiishi place poa sana. Ukimuuliza anafanya nini anakuambia biashara hapa na pale lakini hawezi kuambia details.

Watu wapambane na hali yao.

[ATTACH=full]257587[/ATTACH]Choose your trade wisely

I usually see on one street duka zote zinauza electronics,Another street duka zote zinauza nguo.Another street duka zote zikona restaurants.My question is.Is this something is planned by the government that one street should sell specific things?Ahsanteni.

hapa ndio ulikosea

It helps to bring customers. It’s just like how you go to Las Vegas and the whole city is filled with Casino joints. A lot of people go to Vegas because they know it’s the gambling and partying headquarters.

The same way people go to Luthuli to buy electronics. Or to Gikomba to buy second hand clothes. Or to Koinange street to purchase pussy.

But if businesses are scattered and mixed up in different locations, it won’t help to attract a high number of customers looking for a specific service or product.

I usually see some idiot farmer on TV smiling from ear to ear talking about how ananukisha kitunguu by growing crops xyz and goes on to the production details mpaka where he sells. He is just inviting competitors to spoil his market

Which good businessman goes around showing his friends what he does? None. You are a businessman to make money. Not to help your friends.Manu Chandaria never went around showing any friend.

Intellectual property rights need to be enforced in Africa otherwise you will sell your product or services for two months, whether you show someone else or not some clever Kenyan will hack it.

I used to bringing a certain product from thailand… Used to make 1,000,000 per month in revenue, i used to operate from the house… Nilikua nime nona mbaya… I used to supply, south sudan, Tanzania, uganda, rwanda and kenya…

Kikuyus and wahindi wali fanya research mpka wakaanza kuleta…

Biz ikaisha…

Someone mentioned hapo juu abnormal profits inevitably attract competition, once they join the trade the entity with deeper pockets and is optimally set up usually wins.

Kwa biz always prepare for competition, whether you are a monopoly like Safaricom or oligopoly like Shell, there is always someone out there with the capital looking to invest somewhere