The Prince of Betamales


A Prince, who could literally pick any girl on planet earth simply based on his status. Any girl who marries him becomes an official, real Princess and becomes world famous, and joins the elite highest tier of social status…but
But betamale Prince Harry aliamua arokote 37yrs old kunguru and tried to make a malaya into a princess…hiyo haiweskani
Cheki hii video Meghan cant respect her husband’s presence in PUBLIC…I bet she makes all the decisions kwa nyumba and he FOLLOWS

I guess she knows how to serve the coochie to Harry the way he wants. Kama anapakuliwa ipasavyo shida iko wapi.
Hii ni 2020 tabia za kufuata wanaume tuliwacha 2019. Ghasia.

:D:D:Dthat must be some bomb ass pussy… your woman should know her place.

The bloke is a cunt. He has allowed the woman to drive a wedge between him and his family.
To make it worse the liberals have planted the racial card into this whole fiasco

Harry wants natural male dorminance more than the just looking at this video it seems the fate of Harry lies on Meghan’s hands.

Look at this guy’s face starting at 0:14, she calls the shots in this relationship.

huyu mama atahakikisha wako the same place 24/7.
hakuna story za suspicious car crash

prince harry looks like a douchebag anyways

The crazier the woman the sweeter she is in the bedroom. But you never marry that. That memo never reached Harry

No man should the other what to marry. What have you married yourselves? Ghaseer

You guys can’t tell an orange from an apple.

This guy is an alpha for showing the Royalty a middle finger, marrying a black woman who is a divorcee. Of course, this guy has fucked each and every girl he ever wanted to fuck, no question asked. He will go down in history has one of the most significant royals of this century, watch this space

Beta male ni his brother and rest of the relatives for conforming to societal expectation and basking in the glory of royalty as if they earned it… that is so fucking beta.

Guys, you are falling the bullshit been spewed by British tabloid media who have been painting an extremely negative picture of Meghan… Just read this article which shows 20 examples of how media reported in a biased manner regarding Meghan for doing exactly what Kate Middleton did.


there is nothing alpha about committing to an old divorcee who is 5 years away from menopause. Hio hata guka yako atakuambia ni ujinga.

How can a 37 yr divorcee stranger you just met make you separate from your own family and your own blood brother if you aren’t betamale and useless?
This girl is a manipulator and has found her perfect victim…Harry amekaliwa chapat like shiiit
He has NO say at all

That is only if you view life from the simplistic lenses of a stone-age Homo Sapien man trying to spread his seeds as far as possible. think about it… prince harry’s place in life is very different from that of the stone age bonobo

Wow, you guys are such simpletons…

Harry an William wote hunikalia tu mafala na design

What you guys are basically supporting is racism against black people, the racial hygiene ideology and the imperial monarchy system, prince harry is fighting all that and setting a precedence that will be referenced for centuries to come… think about it, see the big picture


can you support your pussy claim that she is a manipulator. What is there to gain for her? you are the same people who said she married for fame, i thought it should satisfy you now that she is not interested in being royal, ama namna gani my fren?

They think a man, an old man of 35 years, who has been ferking every girl he wanted does not know what he wants in life. It just shows their lack of analytical eye when shifting through racist reports.