The price of Outshining the master in BonoboLand

Apparently this young Colonel Mamadou was talented and very popular, his superiors finished him off. Watch his reception in Goma at 39:35

his assasination at 44:00
Two Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Colonels were found guilty of hiring Ugandan-backed rebels for the assassination for $20,000.

bonobos are usually very stupid ni kama ukijenga or train mtu afaulu unaskia kiwaru

Very sad. Never outshine your boss in Africa

Just like someone we know is about to find out.

Captain Sanogo wa Mali alienda wapi?

Kwanza I suspect those old bonobos generals walikuwa na yeye kwa media briefing. Huto tumzee tulikuwa outshined kabisa.

Wacha tu nimeona huko Tiaty JSKS amefinywa kabsaa