The President and you...

The campaign season is over. Kenya will have a president Tomorrow for a five year term. The work of the president, just like other presidents in the world will not be saving Kenyans from their laziness and irresponsibility. It will be to give a conducive atmosphere for individual efforts to thrive.
Since Canaan is the term Kenyans seem to easily understand, let me use it to explain. A hyena in Egypt can never be a lion in Canaan. There is no change that will ever happen outside your individual effort.
From 9/8/2017, you must pay your rent, school fees, buy your own ugali, all your bills are your personal responsibility.
Kenyans, let’s not be lied into utopia mentality. We must work even harder now and after election.
Neither Uhuru nor Raila will come to personally help.
Piga kura…kisha nenda jenga nchi the best way you know.

chiloba ,chiloba !!

Asande sana.You deserve a KTalk medal and elevation from VE to the highest rank possible .Thank you .

Canaan Rent ya 12k itakuwa 6k, maziwa ya 50 itakuwa 25, unga ya 90 itakuwa 45. Vat itakuwa 8% Paye bracket itakuwa 30k and above. Maisha itakuwa tamu juu gava itatulipia hizi vitu zote. NASA TIBIM:D

But theft of public resources can be different. Plus singo mathaais watapewa token

hio canaan naenda juu ya manna,40 years in wilderness nikikula manna ni bliss

you are clueless when it comes to basic economics

Hapo Kwa unga Ni propaganda since the same govt will be buying a 90 kg bag at Kes 4000.Unless we will be living on subsidies.

Hehehe. We’ll be living in a world of subsidies


Correction, Baba alitupromise Kes 4500 per bag.

Personally I cannot wait for these elections to be over, whoever wins it will be a triumph for Kenya, I think both parties offer some good things and we should look forward to 5 years of hard work and progress lakini lazima bidii on an individual level

I actually took cluelessness as a subject, so yes, you’re right

A bottomless pit…not sustainable.

whoever wins, the ultimate winners are tendepreneurs. All those programs and projects promised by NASA and Jubilee will need to be tendered out.

Hapo umesema kweli kabisa. I wish every Kenyan angesoma na kuelewa hii.

Huelewi sarcasm?