I just got bored and landed on this. There is no way this guys don’t talk kikuyu in state House.
Most importantly is that there is no way una hapa hakuna ukabila

1.Joseph Kinyua - Head of Public service
2.Njee muturi - deputy chief of staff, legal, constitutional and legislative affairs
3.Nancy Kagia - Deputy Chief of Staff, policy and Strategy
4.Kinuthia Mbugua - State House Comptroller
5.George Kariuki - Deputy State House Comptroller
6.Jomo Gechaga - Private Secretary to the president

This is all because the poor prince does not have the bbi to guide him

This is the pic in all positions of govt. Can you imagine even the guys in charge of development of N.Eastern were KIUKs?

If you were to dig deep into their family histories, you’d be surprised that it’s just a few families benefiting from the positions.

I don’t know how this is defended by anyone. VERY bad trend. It held true even for KIBAKIs govt.


And I say this knowing I have KIUK blood.

Na kule UDA house.
Farouk Kibet

So that makes it right?

It’s good to call a wrong a wrong.

That said in our very adversarial systems, it’s easy to make the case that leaders trust people closest to them who happen to be of their tribes.

Question is ‘why’ did they only have ‘close’ relationships with members of their own tribes to begin with? Why doesn’t their social interaction before office reflect the country?

Do you think if you are elected in your local coperative society and you are a coniveing thief and you are given a chance to employ accountants,secretaries etc,utaendea mtu wa KCA university ama a trusted changaa imbimbing thug like…ama niache tu

Ongesa @Murkomeno kwa team uda ,wao hufikiria Sana Sana na meno kwenda tumbo. Bythe way btw tumbocrat eg atwoli and tenderpreneua like ole mashake who is worse?

Acha pang’ang’a nugu hii. Stop thinking with your @BADASS shenzi!

I don’t like this trend but it’s the norm in our nation

Tell @Murkomeno :smiley: he thinks am trolling yet his name is similar to the politician am attacking

:D:D:D:D:D:D pole Mdau. I retract!

Sasa gojea uncle Machos achukue uone akina Oscar Sudi wakileta ma cousin kufanya kazi zote uko adi kupika uji.