The power of kickbacks in government contracts

[SIZE=7]Kenyan Team Thrown Out of Hotel Over Unpaid Bills[/SIZE]

On Tuesday night, athletics and volleyball teams for African Games were bundled out of the Luke Hotel, Nairobi, over unpaid bills.

The teams were residing in the city hotel as they prepare for the continental games slated for August 19 to 31 in Morocco.
The fiasco occurred after the athletes checked in following their evening training sessions on Tuesday. They were instructed to leave the hotel rooms with their luggage at 6 pm.
Prolific javelin thrower, [B]Julius Yego[/B], slammed the ministry for frustrating athletes to a point that they considered quitting.
“Sometimes we get mad at representing our beloved country Kenya! What really went wrong with the management of sports! Lack of morals,” Yego angrily wrote on his Facebook page.
However, there was a new twist to the saga after Sports Principal Secretary (PS), [B]Kirimi Kaberia[/B], accused Athletics Kenya (AK) of blackmail.
The PS further ranted on how the federations were hypocritical.
“It is unfortunate for the federations to use the athletes to further their business ventures. Some officials are into business with the hotel. These people are being malicious since it’s just coming a few hours after we met their managers,” he blasted.
A ministry official, who Kaberia dispatched to resolve the impulse, apologised to the athletes for the unfortunate turn of events.
According to Kaberia, AK had been instructed to ensure the athletes put up at either of four hotels that are government facilities. Utalii Hotel, Kenyatta University, Kenya School of Monetary Studies and Stadio Hotel.
“These are hotels where the government can easily audit and settle bills easily. Athletics Kenya and their volleyball counterparts didn’t consult or seek approval from the ministry before booking at teams at Luke Hotel,” Kaberia slammed.

I think am immune to these types of news and that’s really dangerous.

Isn’t it obvious.
The unfortunate thing is government types have for long been getting away with it.

Jubilee development

It is the federations that are protected by their international affiliations…

ION - Kaberia slammed and blasted… Was he playing volleyball?

That Julius Yego must have been one of those parroting and dancing to this tune and he’s now wondering what went wrong?

AK isn’t independent with its own budget?