The power of education

Suppose this was Kenya. See how ordinary Chinese react to street littering . Education seems not to be working in Kenya. If it cannot lead to change in behavior

This has got nothing to do with education. Those who are financially ok and have a good life view their environment differently from poor starving wananchi. They will appreciate to be surrounded by a cleaner environment. Thats why in western Europe s person will walk around with an empty bottle until he or she finds a dustbin. Sasa wewe matabu zinakusumbua do you have time to think after hungrily eating that one banana? You just throw away the skin bila kujali.

School was wasted on you.
Culture and norms!

The former is the cause, not the effect. Little things like picking up after yourself tells one how yoù manage the rest of your business. That is probably why we are starving in the first place.

Hakuna education hapo. Hizo countries ziko na tough laws on public littering mtu ana imagine nikishikwa nipigwe Fine na community service for 1 month.

Truly the cart before the horse. See how the Japs live in harmony with nature.

Tumekuonea 18.Sema tu " The Mis- education of a negro". Is aightt