The Polygamy and Gaayy Debate

White people telling Africans that Polygamy is bad but Gaayy Marriage is Okay …??? :oops::rolleyes::eek:


And some stupid Africans are just accepting it and eating it up same way they accepted the corrupted white man’s religion

Africans are stupid if they accept this wickedness

These coming from the so called champions of human rights and freedom. Advicating for their own wicked and unnatural culture while thrashing Africa’s unique culture


Nimeona kwa DW, Ghana wanapitisha law to make gay stuff illegal. The sad part is the African bonobo DW presenter was defending gay crap with all his might even after being asked why it is illegal to be in a polygamous marriage in Germany.

madness and all the …nonsense

what debate Homos are illegal in kenya and polygamy is legal

[SIZE=5]FOCUS on the text …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The issue is WHY in the West Polygamy is Illegal and Gaayyy Marriage is not …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Umenyita Sasa …??? :D:D[/SIZE]