The Pokot Floods Irony: Ruto sends donation in absentia...

Several people are feared dead and many more are missing after heavy rainfall caused flash floods and landslides in parts of western Kenya.
Local media on Sunday reported that the rains swept away several houses and a police post in Chesogon trading center between the counties of Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot. The current was strong enough to uproot trees and sweep them along in a fast-moving tide.
Deputy President William Ruto, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and two other Rift Valley region leaders on Thursday, April 23, donated Ksh2 million to Chesogon landslide victims. Ruto sent his donation in absentia with Murkomen leading in the tour to Chesogon to help assist the residents affected by landslides.
Ruto donated Ksh1 million, Murkomen Ksh350,000, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi gave Ksh350,000 and Marakwet East MP Kangogo Bowen donated Ksh300,000.


"The leaders were in Chesogon, Ruto sent Murkomen with the donation.
“They went to monitor the situation and gave the donation of Ksh2 million. The money will then be disbursed to people who have been affected by the landslides in order to help them after the disaster,” Lemiso Sato, a journalist based in the region told this reporter.
"The government is trying to evacuate the people from the high-risk area because there is warning of more rains.
“The leaders have come to help those who are already affected but the situation is not as bad as when it was five days ago,” he added.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi sleeping(left), Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen (centre) and Marakwet East MP Kangogo Bowen (right)
seated at a gathering in Chesogon

Heavy rains pounded Chesogon on Saturday, April 18, leading t0 landslides in the area that caused the deaths of more than 15 people.
Over 20 people are still missing following last Saturday’s tragedy that totally destroyed Chesogon Shopping centre and a number of learning institutions.
The mudslides also swept away Chesogon Police Post where 18 guns and more than 1,200 rounds of ammunition were reported to be missing.
In an interview with various Swahili radio stations on Wednesday, April 22, President Uhuru Kenyatta said he had ordered for the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces soldiers.
“We have acted quickly to help those affected. We have sent the soldiers to the areas to assist in rescuing those who have suffered most during this time,” the president stated.

Meanwhile…here was Arap Mashamba having shennenigans.… :oops:

New details have emerged about a secret meeting between Deputy President William Ruto and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko that reportedly influenced his decision to terminate the Nairobi handover process.

According to The Standard, the two leaders reportedly held a meeting at the DP’s Karen home which lasted until midnight on Tuesday, April 21.


The two are said to have discussed county and national affairs before Sonko, on Wednesday, April 22, announced that he was to commence the process of terminating the transfer of key Nairobi County functions to the National Government.

“It is true the meeting happened and it was known to the president. We discussed many issues affecting the county and the country at large,” the publication quoted the county boss.

It was disclosed that Sonko was picked up by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi from his Upper Hill office for the Karen meeting.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the county boss cited frustrations, claiming that cartels had been roped in to scuttle his administration.

He noted that a number of cartels close to the president were out to ruin the deal between his county and the state, which had been planned out of good intentions for Nairobi residents.

"When we started this process, the president had good intentions for Nairobi but some of his greedy officers in government, especially the ones who hate me, have hijacked the process to embarrass and frustrate me with a lot of impunity. I will not sign, in fact, this the time I’ll terminate the transfer of functions deed.

“To date, I have not been furnished with a copy of the deed. I was not given sufficient time to even read the draft,” stated Sonko.

“I was just told it is a good thing on service delivery to the great people of Nairobi as I deal with my court cases since I love you people of Nairobi and I have your interests at heart. I had to accept without even going through the document thoroughly, I didn’t know it will turn against us,” he added.

On Tuesday, February 25, Sonko and Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa in concurrence with Uhuru, signed an agreement in which functions of the Nairobi County Government were handed to the National Government.

The government took over the functions of the Nairobi County Government including; county health services, county transport services, county public works, utilities, and ancillary services as well as county government planning and development.


Tuko nyuma ya Ruto, liwe liwalo

Very gäy. How does it feel to breathe on a fellow man’s ear.

Mwananchi ndio atachezwa tu

Mangele would you rather he sent the donation or not? he is accused each single time of usurping the PORK. If he went in person tungeona moshi. He was told in no uncertain terms to take a back seat and he has sasa nini mbaya na nyinyi? We believe WSR was putting in some hard work while someone got sozzled silly. Shindwe wewe. Hata nimekasirika kiasi. Nitumie dallas…

He was putting some hard work alright… This is the hard work we discovered… :smiley:

New details have emerged about a secret meeting between Deputy President William Ruto and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko that reportedly influenced his decision to terminate the Nairobi handover process.

No dallas for you!

If this turns out to be true then he only has himself to blame for going behind the dictator’s back. But WSR is duly elected as the DPORK. So interesting to see how this pans out.

Tuma dallas.

Part of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s security detail was withdrawn by the national government on Friday, April 24, with the Governor now claiming that his life is in danger. The governor’s Communications Director, Jacob Elkanah, confirmed the withdrawal to [I][/I] on Monday, April 27.

“Yes, the security was withdrawn thus putting His Excellency the Governor’s life in danger. He is still the Governor and should be accorded maximum respect,” he noted in a brief statement.

The move followed a failed meeting which hoped to resolve a stalemate that saw Sonko refuse to assent to a bill allocating Ksh15 billion to the newly established Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to undertake functions transferred from the county government to the national government.
The meeting was held at Sonko’s private office in Upper Hill, Nairobi on Thursday, April 23, and was attended by, among others, State House Deputy Chief of Staff - Legal, Constitutional and Legal Affairs - Njee Muturi and Deputy Comptroller George Kariuki.


A day later, after they failed to agree, drivers and bodyguards stationed at Sonko’s Mua Hills residence in Machakos and his Upper Hill Office were recalled. The withdrawal offered more insight into the noticeable absence of Sonko at State House, Nairobi when governors from counties including Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale, badly hit by the pandemic, met President Uhuru Kenyatta and addressed a briefing.

With Nairobi responsible for the vast majority of Covid-19 cases reported in Kenya, Sonko’s exclusion raised eyebrows as Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho enjoyed prominence.

Sonko had refused to assent to the Nairobi County Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2020, sending it back to the county assembly as he argued that its proposals contravened multiple provisions of the law.

Sonko wrote to Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi explaining his decision not to sign the bill, arguing that the assembly had irregularly transferred monies including for functions not transferred from the county administration.

He further argued that amendments to the bill were made without the input of the county’s Finance Executive, a contravention of section 131 (2) of the Public Finance Management Act and section 21(3) of the County Governments Act.

“I do hereby refuse to assent to the bill for the reasons contained in the attached memorandum, and accordingly, I do hereby refer the bill back to the Assembly for consideration in accordance with section 24(3) (4) and (5) of the County Governments Act,” he asserted in the letter dated April 15, and copied to Attorney-General Paul Kihara, the Controller of Budget and the Government Printer.

Alluding to Sonko’s decision to sign the deed of transfer of functions on March 25 at State House, Nairobi, Elachi questioned the governor’s move as she accused him of failing to respect the agreement.

She disclosed that the assembly had engaged its lawyers and would announce its next course of action.

“It is his budget yet he says he has rejected it, meaning he does not need a budget. He should have just returned it with reservations.
“I was expecting it. If he cannot respect what he signed at State House then he should come out and say so, not open a fight with the assembly as we are only following the law,” she stated.

Nairobi MCAs had on April 2, approved the transfer of more than Ksh15 billion to the NMS, retaining figures from the annual budget estimates.

Uhuru has proved to be a dictator. He never wanted Sonko as Governor in the 1st place. He was campaigning for Peter Kenneth.
Why has he not done the same to Joho who does not do anything much in Mombasa?