The poem of the man God.

I was skeptical at first when i heard about the poem of the man God so i decided to read a bit of it to see for myself. Since i started reading it things have changed on how i view life in general. First reading the book has given me so much spiritual enlightment than any sermon i have ever listened to in my life ( and i am yet to even finish the 1st vol, am on page 120 ) . And secondly i have being able to understand the gospels much better, i have been reading it together with the bible ( The last time i read the bible was many years ago when i was in high school) comparing with the events in the gospels and i have come to see they are the same only that in the bible it is like a summary, those who wrote the gospels did not go into much details.

I would love if all humanity could read this book.
Before you criticize it take your time and atleast read the first 50 pages of the first volume.

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link ya kitabu please

Weka rink priss


karl marx had uploaded the first vol here :

You can download the other volume here :

An introduction on the wikipedia page :

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Hii sasa itaitwa john doe’s version ama?

You want to feed us the work of demons…

Hehe why would demons write (preach) about the word of God which draws you towards righteousness and towards God ?

I read it, it is written in a novel like style. I managed to read only tthe parts of birth and death of jesus. It is not easy to read because it is full of descriptions of everything like the mood, weather, flowers and birds etc… There is a another one called “the acquarian gospel of jesus” which I’m reading now, it is easier and it contains the work of jesus in egypt and india.

Hehe , this is not another version of the gospels but rather the gospels in more details. The gospels in the bible are like a summary of this book.

I shall look for the book thnks