The people's March : Peoples March: The Beginning of a Kenyan Revolution...*


Utaona vile hii thread itatolewa ati ni hate speech :D:D:D

acha tuone ni watu wangapi watakuja…kenyans cannot participate in such

achicha Wendi kityo,.hapana tambua

Haya…kamwana zungusha drum tena!! Prrrrrrrrr…prrrrrrrrrrrr…prrrrrrrrrr!!

And the winner for 3rd house is…Macharia Muigai who works for brookside

Kenyans are too divided for such

Am in brathe Niko ndani ndaaaaaaniiiiiii kabisa. Gathecha ni meffiii.

Wakitoa tunarudisha.

Any demonstration that starts in Uhuru Park is just a teargas party.

Mido class will be watching you at the comfort of our sofa.

Not boarding! I have a well documented allergy to tear gas.

Am willing to inhale for the sake of our motherland. It time to put off the plunder of our country.

Cowards are meeting behind the tent.

This thing is already lost …because it starts with biaseness…ati Uhuru and Ruto picture at the top. Do you mean they are the only corrupt leaders in Kenya? What about mpango wa kando mwenye ako serikali sahihi

Jakuon lost his magic wand the day he teamed with Gathecha in ripping our country in form of handshake.

Owh good, I possess impeccable storytelling skills, so I can narrate precisely baadae what the “brave” ones achieved.

only hardwork will cut you out of the yokes of poverty, hats ukikufia hapo ,your burial will be a purely peasantry affair,

Najua ikiwa successful nyinyi ndio mtaongezea kuni to keep the faya burning.

any peacefull demo or walk in kenya lazima D- material warushe teargas. Hao walirushia hadi watoi wa Langata Primary

Its for the benefit of our future generations. I know our children will ask us when were we when our country went to the dog. Kibaki is regreting why he handled our country to this one celled brain drunkard.