The People's General Begging

Self-proclaimed NRMKe ‘general’ Miguna Miguna has asked his supporters to contribute funds to enable him purchase an air ticket for his trip back home.

The vocal lawyer is also seeking financial help to enable him repair his house in Runda that was destroyed during his arrest on February 2.

In his appeal, he has also asked for money to enable him pay lawyers that have been representing him in court since his arrest and subsequent deportation to Canada.

“Yes; I need an air ticket to return home. I also need funds to repair my destroyed house and to pay my advocates who have been working tirelessly without pay from February 2 up to now in order to protect my rights. Are you able to contribute? Feel free to do so. Viva!,” he tweeted.

Miguna was on February 6 deported to Canada and his Kenyan passport confiscated after the government said he was illegally in Kenya.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i said the lawyer renounced his Kenyan citizenship in the 1980s and acquired the Canadian one.

The High court, however, on February 16 ordered the government to issue him with travel documents to enable his return on a day of his choice.

Justice Chacha Mwita said Miguna was at “liberty to use his Canadian passport to come back” should the government fail to facilitate his return.

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Miguna’s passport, which the government surrendered to court after several orders, was defaced and rendered useless.

Miguna’s post attracted varied responses with some Twitter users castigating him and others pledging support.

‏@Victorbettkip said: “Miguna you are not even ashamed to say so… Yaani I pay tax to cater for such nonsense please stay in yr country Canada.”

@Caleb442610 folowed it up with, “If I read that statement correctly you are just trying to show us how NASA has abandoned you after working with them closely during and before the swearing in ceremony.Bravo! the message is at home.”
@brianod20444574 said: “Give us the pay bill number… I’ll contribute the little I have to facilitate your coming back…The Ardent supporters of NRM needs you than before… Pesa otas you must come back!!”

@Johnny87jones felt that the appeal was too much for him to bear. He said: “‏Shame on you old folk, I am tax payer and you still need more money. Raila campaign was totally supported by kenyans via mpesa, now its paypal…is it a ticket you want to come back???”

@penterz said: “Jimmy Wanjigi will paid all funds,” to which Miguna replied: “You are silly!”

‏Yet @OkelloOuko said: “I’ve never used PayPal before. Guide me comrade.” Miguna said: “Use Uncle @google, my brother. Cheers.”

He has developed a case of sudden cold feet, he now has an excuse not to return anytime soon to face additional criminal charges

Write your reply…This is an admission that NRM is dead… on arrival!

I swear, even if I was a diehard JaKuonist,
I’d never send a cent after such an insolent response:

‏Yet @OkelloOuko said: “I’ve never used PayPal before. Guide me comrade.” Miguna said: [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]“Use Uncle @google, my brother. Cheers.”

The oaf could just have started with his stock insult “You are stupid!”

Hehe…Leave the Fie of Marshal alone. Suckers abound in NRM and Bell Canada hawana paybill :stuck_out_tongue:

Maskini jeuri. :smiley:

Curious, I wonder what Miguna does in Canada? Does he practice law ama what income generating activity pays his bills?

He woudn’t be so desperate to come back to his TV shouting career if he was making good money there.

Bro, @Miguna miguna ebu kom kiasi

Latest news,

Canadian passport always indicate which country you cant visit after obtaining canadian refuge status.

Write your reply…Upuusi, taking Kenyans for a ride

Paybill ya kwanza ilienda aje kwanza, mafans waliona blackout na wadau wakaenda silento_O

I wonder the same thing. Although as a lawyer he cannot miss work in Canada. Many corporations have a lot of small litigation cases why they readily pass on to freelance lawyers.

General is an immigration lawyer. Being deported does not auger well with potential clientele, especially because most of them are poor Somalis and Sudanese on the run. Plus this is on top of the rape accusations.

seriously @simiyu22,would you risk this oaf representing you on a speeding ticket, better call Saul is a hundred times better.

The rape accusations were merely that and were resolved. Sometimes one has to trust the Justice system. If he truly raped 2 different people he would not have survived. Not to defend him but I have read several cases of immigrants falsely accusing people on to benefit. And he was illegally deported- at least that’s what the court said.

Many lawyers are just crooks in suits. You just pick the one who gives you the odds. Now if the had a record of professional misconduct that would be a different story.

Not a lawyer so i won’t argue with you. May I remind you: perception is reality and clients will why away whether he was guilty or not. That was the point, kind sir!

You are right.

perceptions are not a good thing. many are those who believe he escaped coz he’s a crafty lawyer. and people choose lawyers for their perceived fidelity.