The people asking for lockup

Hello, niggers asking for lockup. Why don’t you just lock yourself up and leave the rest of us to continue with our lives.
Do you know how evil your call sounds?
Why lockup without first carrying out true random testing to understand how widespread the virus already is in our population? What would be the point of locking up people, or putting people under curfew, if true random testing revealed that, say, 10% or 20% of the population is already infected, meaning that is already a freely circulating infection?
So, please do us a favor: if you want to lock yourself up in your house, nobody stops you.
But stop inciting the government for the rest of us.

Sasa utuuwe juu unataka kukufa?
Kwashiorkor haitakuuwa… lala njaa

Nimewachia hapo

nikae njaa na kukona sonko flani pale neighborhood… smh hujui wakenya vizuri wewe

WHO if this thing is left to spread in developing countries, we will be chasing our own tails

Usiogope mkubwa …lockdown will eventually happen next week kitu Wednesday …the govt at the moment is working on a formulae to ensure that we peasants get some stipend atleast.huduma no. Or census are among the avenues being used to identify individuals &households

All I am singing is that lockdown [or even curfew] would be pointless without knowing the infection rates. What they are releasing are raw infection numbers: which tell us nothing. What you need to do is do random testing using a truly representative sample, to see how many people from a given number are infected. Like if you test 500 random people, and none have covid-19, it would mean that the virus is not yet widespread: meaning that measures like lockdowns, curfews and what have you are justified. Otherwise if you test 500 random people from the street, and 50 or 100 turn out to be covid-19 positive, it would mean that this is a virus that is already freely circluating in the population: meaning that there is no point doing lockups, curfews and what have you – because the virus you are trying to control is freely circulating. So what you would need to do in that case is to try to figure out why the virus is not wrecking havoc here the way it is doing in the west (it is not a must that a virus behaves the same way everywhere).
I thought these would be common-sense issues. But if there are other agendas, then it is complicated – because there seems to be folks who are pursuing ‘lokodawn’ for its own sake.