The pdf books thread. Kijana wa barafu kuja.

Anyone remember there was this thread started on pdf books and guys shared many files. I thought I bookmarked it but can’t seem to find it.

@Ice_Cube saidia link tafadhali.

wariahe napata hii

Not the one. In that thread guys were dropping pdf files. I remember books such as laws of power, fools die being shared
Mwenye ali bookmark rusha link hapa tafadhali.

ingia telegram kuna several channels za mbuks

I found the thread. It was me who started it:D:D
Incognitus shared many books. Shukran kwake.
Villagers suggest me some very nice books I could read for enlightenment - General - Kenya Talk

Well, of course, you can warn a person about this, but in general, now there are convenient tools thanks to which you can convert the necessary files in just a few seconds. I think this site is for you, check out. It’s a free tool, so don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for anything.