The path you use

The path that you usually use. Why should you demand that nobody else should use it? Yaani you expect a path to be reserved for you alone? Kwani how special do you think you are? Even in the village, where there are fewer people, it would still be unreasonable to demand that a path be reserved for your exclusive use. So just use the path, and let the next thoroughfarer to use it. Don’t demand that it be left exclusively for you. You are asking for too much.


Is him we ?
Is we him ?
Is we we ?
Is him him ?
him is we ?
we is him ?


AIDS is real

Ebu nipe number ya wife yako na dem lazima hiyo path tutumie kisawasawa

@Kicharo kwani umepatwa na kichaa?

si anakuwanga soti waya?

As opposed to kawaya?

:D:D:D:D:DAfadhali Mosa

@Kicharo huyu msee ni nini ulimfanyia?


there is a desease called prion proteins,