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This bongo maafaka is bingwa scrotum. Alikua mhindi sasa ni mtz. Anaingia sasa naija ama SA. Trolling medal. Apewe end year.


hujma ni mlikuwa na sgr tangu 1970 na bado mko nyuma kimaendeleo shida sio kupata resources shida ni hamjui kuzitumia hehe


Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania and Zambia Railways Authority (Tazara) says it has been operating at a loss of about Sh12.4 billion over the past eight months.

However, the chairman of the Tanzania Railway Workers Union (Trawu) at Tazara, Mr Musa Kalala, has said that the statement was untrue, and that it wasn’t the first time the company had reported to that effect.

Releasing these sorts of figures has often been a way to avoid paying staff salaries, Mr Kalala told The Citizen yesterday.

According to a statement issued by Tazara spokesman, Mr Conrad Simuchile, the authority had been earning approximately Sh2.4 billion in revenue per month while its expenditures were Sh4 billion.

He said that Sh2.1 billion was spent on paying salaries, and Sh930 million on buying oil as well as many other operational needs.

“So, we spend more than we earn, and it makes it more difficult to pay salaries on time,” says Simuchile.

Statistics show that business decreased from 1.2 million tonnes of cargo in 1986/87 to 340,000 tonnes in 2011/12.

In terms of passengers, the Tazara spin doctor said that the number had decreased to 900,000 passengers from one million few years ago.

According to him, before 2004/05 season, Tazara employees were being paid Sh960 million per month, “But now, salaries have increased by 100 per cent after a good record of production… However, Tazara production has since declined.”

But the union would like to know why, if the company is operating at a loss, managment still overspending.

“The Managing Director was living in the New African Hotel, even though there are staff houses. We’ve heard these figures in such meetings of discussion before.


alafu siku moja ijulikane ati huyu bingwa ni multi handle ya serious talker kama @gashwin hivi


Ama talker kaa @Fala 12 hivi…

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The tragedy of living a lie!

Tazara is cape guage same with southern african lines not sgr.
Kenya is getting chinese class 1 sgr,
ethiopia got chinese class 2 sgr.

The devil is in the detail when comparing these railways.

Kenya may have a single track rail but is designed to handle much more cargo than the double tracked djibouti-addis .

Brazameni niko na swali moja tu kulingana na ulichoandika hapo juu. Hivi tuseme kuna underground treni ambazo hupitia juu hewani??