The paper Tiger is busy....


It’s a paper tiger until" the shit hits the fun "

mzee Putin ame deal na ule homosexual mwenzako Zelensky sasa munafikiria Winnie the Pooh ndio mutawezana na yeye

Chinaman ni vitisho tupu lakini hawana makende

Lost respect for the China man juzi all talk no action
Pelosi angejaribu kuland Crimea angejua hajui

If you harm one hair on the head of a senior government official from another country, that’s an act of war. Doesn’t matter if they’re Russian, Chinese, or American. It’s just not done. Not unless you want to kick off a major conflict.

What about the senior USA homosexual locked up in Russia for 7 years yesterday?

You mean the female basketballer nobody even knew existed until the other day? She is of no consequence compared to Pelosi who is 3rd in the US leadership hierarchy.

Lakini I have not lost hope on the dragon from the east.

Just a few years ago Russia was toothless, overrun by CIA operatives embedded deep inside the Kremlin. This was when Boris Yelstin was president. Today Russia is spearheading the destruction of the western hegemony. A complete turn around.

I hope the dragon will now tighten cooperation with the bear to further this destruction. The ball is already rolling, momentum inakuja mdogo mdogo. but inakuja.