The Original Handshake


One of the earliest known depictions of a handshake is an ancient Assyrian relief of the 9th century BC depicting the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III shaking the hand of the Babylonian king Marduk-zakir-shumi I to seal an alliance.

Marduk original alikuwa Mzito. Yeye ndio aliangusha nuclear bomb pale Sodom na Gomorrah. Allah was in the opposing side.

Assyrians were brutal sons of bitches hawa watu wangechukuwa town they would flay their enemies alive, pull out their tongues out with hooks, club them to death, impale people etc ironically, its their extreme brutality that was responsible for their fall…their descendants are in present day iraq

So what? People have been dying and will continue being killed for millennia to come. All it takes is one slip up and someone else gains the upper hand. KWanza najua manchi mingi hukua zimeekea America. For example, only a fool can believe that if Japan one day gets lucky watasamehea America kuwatwanga na nuclear bomb mbili. Or if those red Indians somehow got the upper hand they would just let shit fly.

ati so what…do know you why the assyrian empire, spartan empire, the japanese empire, the isis caliphate, and the Third reich empire were short lived ?
you don’t maintain an empire by brutality you need hearts and minds. Conquering is one thing but administration and keeping the peace is another thing

smart conquerors like Alexander the Great, Julius Ceaser and augustus were known for their clemency- It became a part roman policy hence the Pax Romana.

its the brutal stupid roman governors that sparked the devastating jewish-roman wars… let us not forget the devastating servile rebellions during the early roman republic and french colony Haiti were because of brutality

300 years seem like a really long time to me


Japan can never think about payback against uncle sam. The Yankees can’t take that chance. That’s why they have the Yokosuka naval base; the largest overseas U.S. Naval installation in the world and is considered to be one of the most strategically important bases in the U.S. military.

They have subs capable of showering Japan with a healthy dose of nukes unlike on 6th August 1945

That’s why i said if it ever happened, which is unlikley but not impossible.

Japan should also be careful as well with China. They are still very very bitter for the atrocities walifanya pale Nanjing.

Everyone wants revenge for something

300 is a very very short time when talking about empires.

On another note do you know why the romans ‘survived’ Hannibal ? its because none of their ‘‘allies’’ in the Italian peninsula defected to the carthagians except the city of Capua, all other Italian cities {these cities were conquered by rome} shut their gates and fought for rome.

What would have happened if these subject italian cities joined hannibal and fought rome it would have been the end of rome. Even the subject spanish and african cities conquered by carthage allied themselves with rome during the battle of zama.
Extreme Brutality as state policy/ modus operandi is suicide

ata Machiavelli a student of history writes- a prince needs to strike all at once and then refrain from further atrocities.

The Japanese are very impressive

i once visited the nairobi national museum and was disappointed, its all bones, stones, gourds, birds, huts and paintings. it shuts out experiences from other parts of the world. what if we went begging round the world for artefacts, eg aztec carvings, egyptian cuneiform slabs, mongol swords, british knight armour, chinese musical instruments, russian medieval fashion, greek building slabs, roman chariot, french tapestry - etc, the originals of qualified copies, so that kenyans get a quality experience under one roof?

Stop belittling success. They held on for 300 years with just sticks and stones and without communication. Kenya is less than 100 years and there’s already doubt it will survive to see 100 years with all the technology and modern arms

It’s part of the propaganda to keep black people down by making them think they lived like cave animals. The museum was started by the colonists during their rein when Kenyans were still practicing their traditional lifestyles.

It was not really a museum but a way to showcase how primitively people were living. How can someone call your culture a museum piece and you expect them to be fair in their assessment.