The Only way to wealth!

Market printer go brrrrrrrrr!!!

I tell people all the time to invest in the stock market but they won’t listen. Mnataka tu kujenga flats.

This is one stock over a short period of time. Money printer go brrrrrr!


Hii ni platform Gani mkuu. What app is this?

I bought safaricom, kenya’s best blue chip, at 35 bob saa hii iko 12 bob. Afadhali kujenga flats.


Did you buy to sell them today? Won’t it be back to 35 and above in the future? Will you still complain in the future when the price shoots to more than 35?

Is your head hit by a donkey? Kenya has no blue chip companies. Kenyan media misuse the name, but no single blue chip companies in Kenya