The Only Way A Single Mother Would Work

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. They are the bottom of the barrel.

A man who can’t reflect on the past, will have a hard time predicting the future (some asshole said that, not me).

Back in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, men used to marry single mothers and in some exceptional cases, the bastard would become the family pillar for being the most successful one, to the extent of even opening doors for the siblings (employment, school, etc.) You wouldn’t know unless you did some gossip with the jealous types.

I have observed some of these cases and realized that for a man to be able to tame a SM, he needs one super-power that has long been lost among men and those few that still have it are nothing but breathing vegetables.

What is this superpower Nyundo? It is called PaterFamilia.

What is Paterfamilia?
This is when is what he needs to be in the family - the topic of discussion, the oxygen every member of the house that breathes, the only one allowed to fart, the one to take a shower before the rest, the one who can be a the sitting room with solitude while the mum & kids go to sleep regardless of time, the fucking MAN 'O THE HOUSE. Such a man, no woman can attempt to shit-test nor nag. You see that wimpy formula that goes Children > Woman > Husband? That is was the new formula brought forth by feminism, taught to kids from the late 80s to date. Any man that believes in that is just another lad suffering from the global mallady affecting men.

A man should never give a shit about his kids, maybe share stories with his teenage sons, invite them to meetings with wazees so that they learn, introduce them to alcohol so that they drink knowing their limits henceforth, heck, maybe even pay for the son’s first whore when he hits 18 y.o. Such a man will act them same way whether married to a virgin, concubine or single mother.

So before you consider a relationship with a single mother, ask yourself if you got the balls to slap the shit out of her and her kids when she steps into your space with them shit-tests and what-nots.

If you never won the looks lottery and your pockets ain’t deep enough, you might need to consider a SM for your ‘settling-down’ and you better read this. If you are one of the few men like me who don’t care for the global complex and won’t reproduce economic slaves, go MGTOW.


The things I read here ni kama sitaingia in heaven pearly gate.


This should aptly be named The Life Handbook of A Mafia Boss. Don’t try it if you aren’t one


I actually like this tgalk


I kinda agree with the last part …the only time you should settle with a single mother is if you are accepting her with her shortcomings kid/s but pia wewe you are also coming with your shortcomings that is you are old 45 Plus ugly or broke or both …then that’s a win win


I actually approve of this message…forget for a moment I’m the senior most member of plantation in this cesspit


I once said this before elders wakanitusi sana. I do think sometimes it is in a man’s best interest to marry a single mother. Huwezi kuwa 45, ugly, and broke still daydreaming about not marrying a single mother. If you could, you would have already. That’s why nilisema for you to marry a single mother, you have to bring in some kind of baggage to the table to make the deal fair. Often for a man, that baggage hukuwa uzee, kusota, ama some sort of disability. Looks won’t hold you back sana unless you are an eyesore like @Nesta_Trouble juu women care less about a man’s looks.

On the other side, the single mother will have been pumped and dumped by tens of “eligible” men with money and/or looks and realized that her kid/s will always hold her back and prevent those types of men from committing because they don’t have to. So, she will eventually realize that her options get worse every year and settle for the 45 year old guy still using matatus with a 30k job. In the end, both will compromise as they get older and wiser.

Don’t be the fool who marries a single mother in his 20s or 30s when he is young or when he is rich at any age. Bring your own baggage to the table and even the odds or at least make them favorable.


you are 45 years old, broke and ugly and you still want to get married? for what reason?


You guys talk as though Kenya is in California. Just have a little income, a modest house & a simple jalopy halafu travel away from central & nairobi na utapata shudren safi kabisa. Kama Kenya imekushida go into western uganda or pande ya tz where they still wear vitenges n u will get a pyt bila stress. Lakini to saddle urself with a singo matha should be the last option.


Gathee. If you have those things in Kenya, you are not a loser. So you would not see a need to settle for a single mother. Soma comment uelewe vizuri. Nimesema you need some kind of baggage of your own to make sense of marrying a single mother. Kumbuka Kenya a 1%'er has a net worth of just $20,000. So huyo mwanaume umesema with a modest house and a jalopy is already head and shoulders above 99% of all men in Kenya.


Plantation has its benefits as you grow older, including having kids and raising them in a nuclear set-up. Ukifika 45 na hujakafunga accept the hand you were dealt and make it work at that level. Don’t fail at both getting money and having a family. At least get one thing. Be rational usikuwe deluded kama mwanamke. Women are allowed to daydream about marrying a rich prince. As a mature man, you can’t afford to daydream about marrying a childless woman when you are in that situation kama ulishindwa when you were younger.


For some reason, naonanga ni kama nitaoa a singo mother banae.

Sioni nikisettle in my 30s, maybe mid 40s na hiyo time na expect nitakuwa na some baggage


Idiot… Respect 45 yrs olds…


MGTOW nobody is forcing you to reproduce economic slaves. It is a personal choice. Since you are so brilliant why did it take a junguu to introduce MGTOW to you? A chimpanzee aka a black man key will always be a slave of other races of men. They lead you follow. No need to try to assert dominance over women and children when you are unable to hold your own in the sight of other MEN.

All this bullshit is for men who are failures. Do you think Elon Musk has time to learn about shit tests? He is busy building his empire. Women and children follow him not bcz he’s got a penis but bcz he’s a leader. Leadership is influence. If you need to join a cult to teach you how to be a man, you have no influence and as such you are not a leader. Don’t give women and children a hard time bcz you are not a leader. Let those who want to marry single mothers marry them. What is it to you. Kila shetani ana mbuyu wake.
You stay in MGTOW infact become bisexual or just gey to teach women a lesson. Don’t nobody care what you do with your life. People have alot of problems out here, mambo ya MGTOW and single mother antagonism is the least of their concerns. Give us tips on how to evade taxes and you will be seen as a real man without resorting to abusing women and children psychologically to feel like you are a man.


hii composition unaandikia nani sasa asome?


At that age already your age alone is baggage juu the childless woman you are targeting wants younger guys within her age group. The only way ya kupanda hiyo mlima ni lifestyle a.k.a pesa.

Namwamba alioa student nikiwa campo banae and the fucker was in his 40s. How? He is somewhat well off by Kenya’s standards.

Kama hauna ganji ama family at 45 kubali matokeo. Find a single mother of one who is at least 15 years younger than you.


Hii hesabu ya kuoa ni kama ilinishindanga.

Nataka nikifika mid to late 40s with some good passive income nipite na singo mother (25-31 years) ya girlchild mmoja niongeze yeye junia ingine moja banae.


Why girl child? Hutaki boy wa kupiga story na yeye?

@Hydra boy will become a rival kwa boma, plus inheritance issues na junia wangu

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Haha so then will you allow the real father of the girl child to be the one receiving dowry for her?

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