The only positive thing in BBI

I have seen BBI has proposed that Nairobi City be removed from being a county and be converted to a special administrative center under control of the national government. This is the obky good thing i support in that BBI. We should estbalish Nairobi City metropolitan authority under the charge of Board of Management who appoints the CEO with special departments to run the city and its environs. The Board of directors should have representatives of private sector, public, govt and others

Yes scrapping Nairobi county is the only good thing lakini watu watakubali iondolewe?

Say no to BBI. BBI is what Uhuru will use to hide his ill-gotten wealth which he stole from kenyans. Bure kabisa.

What’s so good about it?

The same government that has run a previously thriving economy into the ground and into unsustainable debt will suddenly do a better job of running Nairobi?:smiley: