The only PK supporter

After going through so many political threads and comments in this village, I have come to the infamous conclusion that I might be the only villager supporting PK! I only have 2 reasons for this. The first is the fact that I believe the other 2 or 3 alternatives have been there and we have clearly seen what they can’t do. Kidero has failed. Sonko is just a populist. Miguna has no idea what it takes to change Nairobi. PK has a ‘not very bad’ track record. Hata kama Miguna alisema jamaa aliambulia patupu pale Starehe boys centre-form 6, Gatanga alijaribu sana kutengeneza barabara, maji ya tap hapa na pale, among others. With the support of the CIC (assuming Ouru is going back), this guy can do something to this urban-village called Nairobi compared to the rest. The other reason is, we just need new people. Sakaja is new. We need a new governor for heaven’s sake. Wacha Kidero na Sonko wapumzike. Ama namna gani nduguzanguni?


Kijana. Just choose another topic. This is not your cup of tea.

Nairobi peeps made the bed. Let them lie in it just like the Americans did.


Miguna ndaaaaniii

I Too support him but realities on the ground just show he is in for some more rape if he dares to go it solo, best strategy would be to accept defeat and hope for a decent chair in sonko’s board.

Mbona gunatutusi…Wajua Nguni ni nani?
This is a nguni cow!


Wewe Scott Mnyambanor unasumbua.
PK ni gum.

Sonko ni umakangi mwingi. Nairobi will be a haven of vibandas and hawkers

Unajua miguna kweli?

Mkamba Born Tao vs Mzungu Born Ushago
Hii takua balaa kama nyumba imejaa makanza na mbumbu

You are not alone but in this place you are either with the villagers or against them. And they are ruthless. Identify yourself when you are close to the exit and can flee at a moment’s notice.

I am actually eager to hear more of what the guy can do. Initially he impressed most people

PK said he was born in Nairobi.

I was a big supporter of Miguna but unfortunately even as his supporter his campaign tactics are already giving me that fatigue even before the elections.

Nilichukua kura Nairobi for the sole purpose of voting for him but he is just letting me down. I wish he was able to take his campaign from only JKL and Twitter to the streets because for now he will definitely lose.

as i said before, migush is a nice candidate, just not a winning one.

Miguna has a better chance of winning the senate. But he is too rude to listen to Jeff when Jeff mentions it. And I agree, he needs some kind of a ground campaign. Even if he is not dishing out money. He needs to sit with people on the ground. They may just listen to him.

Pk is a native of eastlands, born and raised.