the only lucky dude

Look around, Mutua,Joho,Wa-iria,Kivutha,Madago etc are all serving their second and final terms, the only positions they could take will be The presidency or Deputy president, 2022 will be time to lay ground and the real battle will happen in 2027…The only lucky dude is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, he can retire back at Ichaweri and watch everything from his Tv…
Let the game begin.

Musamaki sasa anajenga legacy yake, acha tungoje 2022 Agwas vs WSR

Excellent analysis Mr. Regional manager. This is brilliant, how did you come up with that?

By organizing a meeting for all donkey operaters in Naivasha…the only one who missed was mundu muruthi

i see some governors going for mp and senator seats

Ruto addressing mammoth crowd in nyeri
[ATTACH=full]159227[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159228[/ATTACH]

hii ndio inaitwa upper cut unakosa recovery

Whats the fascination of some people about crowds?
Understand that some certain people are ever busy while others are perpetual idlers chasing a cult leader at every possible opportunity.

Is that even a contest?
Game itaanza scores zikiwa Ruto 5: 0 Babuon!

Hawa ni wale huambiwa wabaki after the meeting.

Simba akiishiwa, hula nyasi!
Anything to remain in the limelight!

Do you believe what you’ve posted?

Sarcasm is supposed to be smart. That one wins it, or does it?

Yes coz my friend is there in the photo and also in the other photos kirinyaga senator is also there


Hapo agwas kwisha

Honesty is the best policy

Sija edit i posted what i got

You have interesting sources;)