The only constitutional amendment i support...

Let’s make Kenya a federal parliamentary state. Kenya should be divided into majority tribal/ethnic states with Nairobi as the federal capital territory. Kila mtu akae kwao na atosheke. The federal government jobs should then be divided based on tribal quota in consideration of the total kenyan population.
Kenyans we are tribal and we see each other along tribal lines. The earlier we accept and embrace this the better.
Bring a referendum on this and i will vote yes early in the morning. Lets stop acting as angels and embrace our tribalism in a positive way by giving tribal communities to be in charge of thier own governance and resources .

With transparency, equity and progressive leaders, tribal bullshit will not arise. Peleka ujinga kwenu. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Unajua hii vita ya imeletwa na nini? Ethnic Federalism. Exactly what you are advocating

Niaje dere wa umoiner

There can never be progressive leaders. In Kenya one is loyal to the tribe first then next the country. Let this get into your head. Ethnic federalism is the way to go. People are even complaining now about Kales in govt. So better we sort it out with Ethnic federalism

Ethnic federalism is a stabilizer. It gives power to ethnic communities to manage their own affairs. Let’s go that way.

It dilutes Power of the state. Hebu soma to story ya Ethiopia vizuri. Remember, it’s not a unity of ethnities but of people.

Thank you for the correction. It was a typo

We embrace unity with diversity. That’s what ethnic federalism does. We recognise that Kenya is made of diverse and different communities and give them right to self govern and manage their own resources.

All the best. You don’t know the beast you feeding. It has failed in Nigeria and Ethiopia. How will it succeed here?

Kila community ikuwe na military yao, ama

When you start acknowledging tribe, and creating constitutions fostering that as a central theme, you break a nation. Julius Nyerere defeated tribalism by doing the opposite of what you suggest.
What we need is Nationalism, not tribalist policies.

I am not the one feeding it. Is it not Kenyans that cry and complain daily how certain tribes dominate them whatever. So lets sort it out by giving each tribe power to govern themselves.

Yes maybe police. Federal govt can remain in charge of military

Si kwa ubaya but I’m now convinced you are a retard.


Nilisemanga hapa Kenya Kwanza supporters have the same IQs as babouns mkasema I am a zimia cow. Ruto is the first president to win an election fairly with most of his votes coming from a different ethnic group than his own.

Even Rao got 20% in central. There has been Luo MCA in central. There have been even muhindi MPs predominantly black areas.

Lakini kwa akili ya kagege @mlipuamkundu we should throw all of this progress away. Si juzi tu shida ilikua dynastys sasa shida tena ni ukabila?

there is no problem. What you think about me is none of my business.

Are you not the ones crying of the supposed Kalenjinization and Kikuyunization of the country. Let this be sorted out through ethnic federalism. Each tribe let it manage its affairs ndio hii makelele ya this tribe is trying to dominate whatever iishe…