I think the people of Northern Frontier District or precisely Wajir, Garissa and Mandera or Kenyan Somalis should be allowed to secede and form a united Somalia. These people are in Kenya but their heart is in Somalia and they have not intergrated and embraced Kenya. Maybe they should be allowed to join their brothers in Somalia and fight for their own country and build their own country

umeffi thinking , we dont like them and we dont need them . they should not secede they should pack their belongings and cross over to somalia watuwachie shamba yetu , tupeleke watu wajinga kama @uncle nyam waishi huko .

Well if they feel like that Somalia remains a bigger desert land ready to be occupied. Then we create the counties as buffer zone from Al shaitanis.

What If after giving out then it’s discovered there is oiro (oil)

who cares? they can go with oil

They can move into Somalia and leave the land that our ancestors fought for

Pwana haiwesekani

You are visibly angry. What’s going on

Secede and join a failed state?o_O Reasoning ya huyu jamaa inashangaza sana.

You are the type who would rather stick in an abusive relationship due to joint property ownership?

Clearly you never read my whole text. The text elaborates that they do feel close to somalia than Kenya and they feel they deserve to be one with their brothers. So let them secede and join them

You are like those Americans who think that Africa is one country. Why do you think Somalia has undergone almost 30 years of civil war?

Do not put words into my mouth,who told you I believe like Americans that Africa is one country. Somalis do not like Kenya for a fact. Most of them even dream of seccession and they would like NFD and southern part of Ethiopia to be one somali nation. That is why they have refused to integrate with fellow kenyans. They see themselves more as somalis than Kenyans and that is why they should secede