The one that got away...

My main challenge though, is how to switch from that general conversation she maintains between us to a point where I can tell her I want the slices without having to come across as a weirdo or creepy… How do people switch 0-100? Or I am doomed??

Nimeachia hapo

If a woman rejects u chapa njia boss. Otherwise you just look desperate. Besides, we don’t always get we want


Honestly, this kind of mentality is bushy.
Just stop it

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She didn’t reject me though

He he really,
She lied that it was her dads birthday to chase you away apewe dick, she cancelled last minute plans kutembea “roysambu”, she probably has a boyfriend, amekataa sexual advances,

Unataka sign board kama ya thika road ama?:D:D


Wait, you have a point… So I took an L?

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Alright young man…do this:

  1. Make sure she never detects that you are jealous or angered about her sexual engagements.

  2. Keep talking to her…hell, spend even more time talking to her about general vibe. BUT, stare at her boobs more than her face while talking to her. One day, out of the blues, just goddamn spank her. Drop these hints relentlessly, seems it appears words fail you.

One day, one time…she’ll set the room, the mood and the food. And serve you slices on a silver platter.

Pray to God too…don’t tell him to grant you slices, but rather say ‘Thy will be done’. He already knows you want those slices.


weka summary chieth

Turning twenty one you say?

And my mind went back @uwesmake and his mortal enemy @introvert who has been paid by @uncle nyam to finish our regional credit manager,the father of Khulichy and husband to our mungich princess

Good thing I didn’t read this long ass post.

Sande sana… Sounds positive… We haven’t talked for a week because I went silent on her and she knows it so am wondering what to say was my motivation behind that because she’ll definitely ask… I’m supposed to be the cool guy…

You should…

Am I missing something?? One can’t be 21 and be a talker or what??

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I may not be an expert on women.but hapa ni noma. I think unainvest too much time and effort kwa kitu enye sio yako…kujua where she is, saa yuko online/offline, kuforce kama ako na chali??
Blame on your part is hujadeclare intentions zako. So why are you getting mad akikulwa?? :smiley:
Problem is sometimes, wanaume tunajiona very clever ati tunaconceal maintentions but women know MOST men who hit on them want to dick them and they know mahali wamekuweka from the word go.


Mimi son of Milly nibembeleze puthii yenye I can buy Moi Ave. ucku ?
Hehe, the world must be flat. Hiyo ndiyo my only weakness, patience.

Mega yawn

Jifunze kusummarize stuff mblo

Mister nice guys huumia

Yes there is something wrong.
At this age you should not be engaging all your energy on a woman who evidently is get whacked left right and center while you pass by her house and have sleepless pamela nights…and stalk thru your friend. Niukuguruka mboss.

She is swimming in the big big sea of sexual freedom that most young people seem to discover at that age. Wewe? Pinning away,for a woman who gives you fleeting attention…
Am not saying its wrong to be faithful. No. But kungojea malaya apigwe dafrau ya HKM ati ndo uombe chance yako…aiii boss.
Try and be twenty one first.


Boss itabidi umetembe na yesu…focus that energy kwa mzoga ingine

is she the first woman you getting slices from?..
personally i dnt ask for it…panties always drop in one way or another without using the word NIPATIE

hapo umeongea na wisdom yote ya village elder

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Siwezi kamua malaya but having been accustomed to getting Pussy at will I don’t understand why she wasn’t falling in line… Such things trouble me.

True also… But I still wanna I… . If I do, I’ll have to cum in her mouth and that will be the last she hears of me…

I don’t remember having asked for slices in such a crude manner but she has never come to where I stay at where It all goes down…
So panties dropping was not kinda possible…
Normally it’s ya ye and she gets the memo… It’s been a minute since I had a struggle getting pussy…

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